How To Double Your T-mobile 4G Speeds On iPhone 5 Hack – NO Jailbreak Required! 12 Comments

Using this hack you can effectively double or the very least increase your 4G Speeds on your iPhone 5 running on T-mobiles network. Yes you can go back in the case that you are not satisfied and NO this does NOT require a jailbreak! Yes this will work on Straight Talk or Simple Mobile but ONLY if you are using T-mobile towers. Grab the download link below to begin!

Non-jailbroken users:

1.       Plug your iPhone 5 into iTunes and backup the device so you won’t lose anything, just in case. ;)
2.      In the device itself, tap the “Settings” app and navigate to “General >Reset  > Reset Network Settings”
3.      Once you have done that, the iPhone will auto reboot.
4.      Download the hacked carrier update here:
5.      Now you’ll to go ahead and enable iTunes to except custom carrier bundles, if it’s not already.
6.      Windows users, you will need to open command prompt and type the following and enter it in:
64 bit: cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes”  then type:  iTunes.exe/setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
32 bitcd “C:\Program Files\iTunes”  then type:  iTunes.exe /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
Mac users you will need to open terminal and type the following and enter it in:
Mac:  defaults write carrier-testing -bool true
7.      After this has successfully been entered in restart iTunes
8.      Click on the tab for your iPhone 5 and click “Update” or “Check For Update” while holding down the Alt / Option key for Mac users and the Shift key for Windows users. Navigate to where you downloaded the hacked carrier update file named “TMobile_US_iPhone.ipcc,” and select it then click Open.
9.      The carrier update should now successfully be installed. Restart your iPhone 5 for any changes to take effect.
10.   If you encounter any problems or wish to revert back just download the file below and repeat the above steps only with the default file instead.
STOCK CARRIER FILE HERE: Original Carrier File Link
Jailbroken Users:
1.       Download the file to your device through iFile here:
2.      Unarchive the files and copy the file name “overrides_N41_N42.pri” then navigate to var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundles/TMobile_US.bundle and paste it into the folder replacing the original .pri file.
3.      Reboot your device for changes to take effect.
4.      If you encounter any problems or wish to revert back just download the file below and repeat the above steps only with the default file instead.
Tech talk:
This hack enables Release 9 DC-HSPA+ on the iPhone 5. Though T-Mobile has not yet upgraded their network to support these speeds, the device itself becomes more open to an increased amount of bandwidth thus allowing for better throughput of data and data connection. The average increase has been 3mbps to as high as 8mbps on the downlink. This hack also includes a fix to any and all iPhone 5 users who have experienced degraded/weakened signal over the past couple of months on the PCS and/or AWS bands, though a lot of this could be due to the eminent release of LTE in many upcoming markets as this is normal. The issue was due in part to the carrier update. It set the band preference for HSPA+, even if your iPhone 5 doesn’t support it, to AWS which can cause conflictions and problems for the devices that don’t support that band. The setting has been set to the default “auto” setting and should help the 4G signal perform a bit better, whether you’re iPhone 5 is PCS only or dual PCS/AWS. For those with an iPhone 5 that supports AWS, this hack will also help you as well as it will connect to the strongest tower (PCS and AWS) rather than the preferred type of tower. Enjoy!
  • Andy2345

    How do I enable iTunes to accept custom carrier bundles?

    • T

      Cmd. For windows you can search it

  • isaias

    it keeps saying unkown whe i put the link on terminal

  • jeff

    Does it work for the iPhone 4S on T-mobile?

  • Josue Figueroa

    its not letting choose the file maybe thers something wrong withn the command pront texts cause it wont go thru

  • Andy

    After I did this, the “T-Mobile” at the top of my iPhone disappeared.

  • Jimmy

    did not work for me. I’m using windows . I saved the file on my desktop but when I tried to recover it for iTunes I could not find it.

    My cmd is saying that it doesn’t recognizes iTunes.exe as an internal or external prompt

  • Alex Lopez

    cmd says iTunes is not recognized as an internal or external command

  • Alex Lopez

    However it is letting me select the file and I did it so I’m assuming everything is ok

  • koko_malo

    could not download the file, that website did not let me download it, and tryied different ones with no luck…

  • Koko_malo

    The file is not readable, it downloads as an .exe and my mac does not read it!

  • hoso

    does it work on Verizon iphone 5 ,on simple mobile?