How To Fix MMS on iOS 6 iPhone 5/4S/4/3Gs Tmobile – T-mobile Get Picture Messaging & Data 242 Comments

This Guide is the easiest & fastest way to get Tmobile MMS working on iOS 6 for any iPhone including the iPhone 5, 4S, 4 & 3Gs all on 6.0 running on the T-mobile Network. Get the Text Below!

Go to Settings, General, Cellular, Cellular Data Network & Input this Info in the necessary slots.



MMS Proxy:

MMS Max Message Size: 1048546


Now just go to the Messages Tab in Settings, Enable MMS & That’s It! You are done, Enjoy the MMS!

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  • Francisco Mendoza

    I try it but i din;t work for me I’m not sure if a did it right because at the end the mms button was on so please help me thank you in advance

  • Chris

    I have the camera icon now so it will allow me to select a picture but the message wont go through??? Can you help me out plz!

    • f10M4N31

      You need to have a very good signal. I’m guessing you’re on an Edge connection, as 3G is spotty and you can’t send MMS through WiFi. Edge connection MMS usually goes through on my iPhone 4 with 4+ bars, 3G + 3+ bars.
      Also, make sure to input “” into the Cellular Data APN space. This results in improved data coverage from T-Mobile.
      I hope this helped.

  • Spencer Lum

    Will I be charged for data fees if I turn on data roaming? I dont have a data plan with Tmobile thats why.

    • El Negro

      You have an iPhone with no data plan?

      • No data plan

        Yea I would also like to kno will we be charged for DATA FEES if we turn on cellular data and data roaming?

    • Eliyahu_ben_Yehoshua7

      An iphone with no data plan is like a car with no wheels….just saying…

  • John Hart

    awesome dude, thanks!!!

  • BGLdesign

    Didn’t work on my 3GS. It tries to send but get exclamation point. ! Not delivered in red

  • Sal

    I’ve tried inputting this a few times but it still doesn’t work on my factory unlocked iphone 4. Is there any other method to get MMS working? Thanks!

    • f10M4N31

      Check out my reply to Chris (above), as it works for me.

  • Marcos Alvarez

    It work, thanks a lot!!!!

  • Fanny

    i have a 4s with the ios 6 and inputted all data as you said twice and i have the(camara) icon but it wont send it. It has that red exclamation :/ Help please!!

    • El Negro

      recheck each character

  • gabby

    hi i did everything step by step but still when i try sending the picture message it fails

  • Dita Sisowath

    My first attempt failed, but after rechecking my entries, I didn’t imput the info correctly. After correctly inputting the right info, it worked great! Thanks so much! You are awesome! I got factory unlock and many info thru you. ; )

  • pho

    i dont even have the cellular data network option.

    • pho

      i only see the set up personal hotspot, nothing where i can enter data….

    • El Negro

      Scroll down

  • Alex Baez

    I have simple mobile ona factory unlocked iphone 4 running 6.0. Do you have the settings for this ? I tried these but no luck.

    • romcypher

      use the as your APN this worked for me keep all the other settings just as the simple mobile website settings. it worked for me

  • Calem

    Thank you

  • Calem

    Work on my 3gs

  • Anthony YTN™

    dont forget the “-” when you type t-mobile ! first time I didnt have it second time it worked !

  • Triana Sherman

    Can I enable 3G again once I’m done?

  • Kwis

    I love you!
    you helped me in like 2minutes.
    now I want a iphone 5 for my Tmobile!

  • jherfriees

    Didn’t work on my 3GS. It tries to send but get exclamation point. ! Not delivered in red too

  • Kash

    Still getting the red exclamation mark and “Not delivered” in red. I have service and all of the spaces in my cellular data section are filled properly. Help!!

  • PricelessGraphx

    Thaaaaaank you sooo much! It worked!

  • Hi-Tech

    for those who are still having problems getting this to work, delete the numbers for MMS Max Message Size:

    good luck …

  • asdf

    do i HAVE to turn on data roaming? if so, will i be charged?

  • monstro89

    worked with my unlocked iphone 4 using tmobile did the ios6.0.1 update today and just had to retype the info mms apn again in order to send and receive pictures..thank you!

  • cBones

    finally got mine to work i added to Cell data apn rechecked all the info and forgot the : after the http in MMSC and then i deleted the mms max message size

  • Taylour

    Can you make a video that shows how to get MMS on phones without a data plan and just goes off wifi?


    It worked for me on an iPhone 4 running on iOs6 with factory unlock. I did remove the max message size, and it seems to be working fine. Was having some issues when I left the size amount on there. Make sure you have all the letters correct. I could have sworn up and down I had them all correct, and then checked for about the 6th or 7th times, and I did have one letter wrong. WORKS!!! You are the goto guy for all of my life’s iphone problems.

  • Ricky

    This info was awesome! Thanks man!!! Works like a charm!


    Awesome! Worked on my factory unlocked (bought in Europe but use in USA) iPhone 4 when my pic messaging stopped working after I downloadedthe 6.0.1 update. I have tmobile service BTW…Thanx!

  • Paul Silveira

    Works great! Thanks

  • iphone issue

    when go on general/ cellular i dont have the function cellular data network any clue why??

  • TMobileiPhone

    I have done many things. I have entered the code from above; I have left the message size blank; I have used the wap.voice (whatever–I forgot the code); and I still cannot send a photo–but I can recieve them.

    • David

      which iphone are you having issues with? i had the same issue with a 4s. use for the data apn and delete the proxy and max size and restart the phone

  • Jeremy

    I fucking love you it worked right off the bat but you don’t have to turn on data roaming if you don’t want to worry about any extra data fees

  • Nes Vquez

    wow man you are absolutely epic. Thanks to you I was able to unlock my iphone 4s using your system, I have finally fixed my picture messaging problem, and my phone is fully functional thanks to you and your videos. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! IF YOU HAVE NOT SUBSCRIBED TO HIS VIDEOS DO SO NOW!! Thanks man for real.

  • dick m

    it wasn’t working until i deleted the max size number now it works perfectly

  • DH

    Did this work for anyone on t-mobile, with 3gs, and no data plan?

    • Chad Nogales

      i have a no data plan with the iphone 4 and it worked well

  • Louise Mathany

    I purchased a factory unlocked 4s last month from the apple store. i have a monthly plan with T-mobile. I entered all the info several times and re-checked it several times. The pic either shows 90 % sent or it has the red “not sent” message. This is so frustrating….any other suggestions? If I took it to Apple store or T-mobile…could they help?

  • bruce

    I put in all the info and its still not working. i have a iphone four and all i can send it imessages

  • Andres

    you guys are the best it helped me soo much !!! i was scared to type all the wrong but i got it right and it worked right away !

  • Chris Lowder

    hey, I updated to 6.0.1 and now i can only send pictures to other t-mobile phones… whats up with that? it was working fine before the update. i went back into settings and made sure everything was still in there and it is… PLEASE HELP

  • Andrea R

    You are awesome… I missed the – in tmobile at first.. but then… voila! Thanks for sharing your brain!

  • noe

    dude thanks ! did you find a way to jailbreak an iphone 4s with an ios 6.0 system

  • Happi3011

    Can some help me I have an iPhone 4S factory unlocked and I tried it but its still not working

  • Sunshine

    THANK YOU! So for sharing this information. It worked on my iPhone 4S.

  • Zoey Moua

    AWESOME!!! This was super easy to do and it works!! THANKS!! =D

  • DEE

    I did this and it worked great! until I upgraded to the iOS 6.01, now I can receive pciture messages but cant send any out. Any fix for this?

    • sincere

      simple solution is to just reboot your phone

    • Troynecia Nicole

      Same wit me i need help

  • Kristian

    Coolest apple pro ever it worked within the first try

  • chris

    Hi I have a iphone 5 factory unlocked to work with tmobile, I can’t get the mms to work or edge internet PLEASE HELP!!

  • BH

    Mine at first did not work, I checked and rechecked and it was all correct. I turned my phone off and turned it back on and then I saw the “on/off” for mms messaging

  • Huy Ngo

    nice it worked
    thanks a lot

  • David

    The settings shown above didn’t work for my 4s on 6.0.

    I had to leave MMS Proxy and MMS Max Message Size blank and for cellular data i entered “” at first it didn’t seem like it was working, but after i restarted the phone all the pictures i sent from another phone started to come in. hope this helps anyone with the same issue i was having! :D

  • nice

    Works great! Just follow instructions and you will be working in no time

  • Gianna

    You Are Awesome! Thanx!,

  • alda

    Thanks man, it works great on my unlocked 4s over WiFi.

  • rcbowser

    Wow! This worked on the first try on my 3GS ~ Thank you so much.

  • Peter

    I used the old mms fix and now I can only send pics but can’t receive any. Can you help me?

  • Nam

    Can you help those that just have data, but not text messaging.
    I only have data and text messaging is blocked.
    I can only send text message which uses data that apear in blue after sending but can’t send to other because it have to be sent in green which can’t be done because i don’t have text messaging
    Is there anyway for me to send mms to everyone in blue

  • Casey

    Worked with my factory unlocked iPhone 4. Thank you sooo much!

  • needthisbad

    Worked on the first try!!! Thanks. You all rock!!

  • sonya

    ahhh thank you so much loved it :D worked for my iphone 4 unlocked tmobile :D i just need to figure out how to do the apn settings for the data internet!?

  • Db

    How come I could only receive pictures when I try to send one out it says not delivered…….sum one help plzzzzz….,

  • livie

    woohooo !

  • TQ

    Thank you so much!! It worked great for my iphone 4!

  • JP

    First try on iPhone 4s and worked. AWESOME! Thank you

  • k

    Thanks! Your a life saver…worked on the first try! Tried everywhere else and nothing thanks again!

  • Deshanna

    Took Me A While To Get It Right. But Thank You Soooo Much I Got It.

  • Teresa Méndez-Lopéz

    please i need help whit my iphone 4s / iOS 6.01 t-mobile network wont send picture messages :( (

    • sincere

      put the following APN listed above and just REBOOT

      • jennifer

        how do you reboot it?

        • WES


  • Dyl

    I tried this one, didnt work on the 4.. I then found this support forum on tmobile. Followed every step and it worked!!!

    • Astrid L del Valle

      You just saved me, Thank you!

  • Big Dave Van

    Keep this page and instructions handy! For some reason, I have had to re-enter the MMS APN and fix the MMSC twice. I enter all the data provided above, my iPhone works like a champ for MMS, then a week or so later, I cannot send or receive MMS. I go back in and the APN info is gone and the MMSC does not have the last part of the url. Its like the iPhone just forgot the data!

  • Martini

    This only worked for me after I removed the maximum message size and left it blank

  • Alejandro Silva

    Worked like a charm on my Tmo 4S

  • Febe

    For those of u still not able to change picture message, change this setting, it WILL work:

    Configure the internet settings under the Cellular Data section:
    Note: For some iPhone unlocks you may need to use

  • Asdfgjkll

    Thanks! Did worked perfectly on my iPhone 4! iOS 6.0.1 :)


    mies still not working

  • KiTTieSpiTChicK

    Your awesome, your videos are easy to follow and spot on. Thank you for taking the time to help us out.

  • April

    Omg thanks soo much worked on my iPhone 4 tmobile carrier. Super excited to be sending pictures again.

  • Wildwomn207

    Worked great … So simple. … Ty

  • davee

    YOU ARE FANTASTIC !! i have iPhone 4 6.0.1 and it works perfect! thank you much!!!

  • davee

    again you are the best !!!!! i ve been searching for the correct setting for hours and it worked excellent

  • alex

    works! how that hella did they figure this out

  • Ele

    awesome!! =] thanks a lot!

  • garyb_24

    ok i just bought an iphone 5 like 4 days ago and i have AT&T as my carrier and my friend has a differenty carrier and a different phone (non iphone) and he tried sending me pictures but for some reason i never recieved the pictures he send to my phone can anyone please help me? all my settings are on and right the way they are supposed to be i never immediate help please

  • Uk

    I have familymobil from Walmart powerd by T-Mobil
    I try but not works

  • Nastassja Riemermann

    Will this cause me to incur data roaming charges?

  • TDCK

    Amazing! It worked with my iPhone 5!!!

  • Giovanni Sanchez

    i am running on solavei carrier which is part of tmobile but gets close and at the end doesnt send

  • gringoloco89

    i have solavei and it says its partnered with t-mobile , ive tryed it alot but it didn’t work so insted of continuing to solavei im changing to t-mobiles $50 no contract service to c if this is fixed by changing my service ,if anyone has a better way they can leave an email

  • Isaac

    OMG…you just solved my problem. It worked on my unlocked IPhone 4 on Simple Mobile…thanks

  • Carly

    Will this work for FAMILY MOBILE, since it runs on the T-mobile network?

  • laura

    work thanks
    but I always need to put off 3g??

  • Beauty

    It worked great on the iPhone 4s, thank you so much!

  • Robynne

    Thank you so much this worked for my iPhone 5 with T-Mobile

  • oscar vega

    Thanx it worked with mine I have the iPhone 4

  • CA

    how will this effect my data speed since 3G is turned off?

  • romcypher

    you can use the same mms settings for simple mobile network it worked on my 3gs. it wasn’t working before them thanks alot .

  • Jasmine Burton

    Didnt work could use help email me

  • Hi

    Thank you so muchhhhh

  • Samuel Fowler

    Thank you sir- you rock!!

  • john

    for some reason my 6.0.1 will not work i can recevie but not send

  • Tree1964

    Anyone have the settings for T-Mobile’s Family mobile through WalMart? Looking for APN settings that work. I’ve tried which is suggested by the WFM help desk, but no luck.

  • Tree1964

    Oh. And I have the iPhone 3gs factory unlocked running version 6.0.1, Firmware 05.16.07………… Thanks for any help in advance!

  • bridgette

    it worked! thanks! but if you turn 3G, then when wifi drops out aren’t you in trouble?

  • Shelbs

    You are a life saver! Thanks so much for posting – found a supposed fix on the tmobile support forum but it didn’t work – needed to download an app that wasn’t available. This was super easy and was an immediate fix! Took a brand new unlocked iphone 5 straight from Apple to tmobile and they didn’t help me at all with this or let me know there would be an issue. Turns out friends have sent me several MMS messages that I didn’t receive because I didn’t know I couldn’t receive them – until I found out I couldn’t send them tonight when I tried and then started investigating. Thanks again for posting!

  • Yuki Li

    it works ! but its showing not delivered ):

  • Ramon

    Hi, I have a unlocked iPhone 5 iOS 6.0.2 that I’m using for T-Mobile. I tried this but it is giving me a red excitation point! Please help :/

  • Zen

    Thank You! It worked perfectly.

  • Juniior

    You ahve to turn off and turn on your iphone in order to workk duuuh?

  • clissle

    the code worked for me (have iphone 5). initially, i had problems (red exclamation point) but after checking, i left off a character in the code. when this was fixed (disable the 3G), everything worked perfectly. thanks for providing this code, cheers!

  • arouna

    HI can someone please help me with my iphone 4s. I am having problems as of new years day sending texts to one person ( they aren’t receiving my texts) altough i can call them ok. I am able to receive their texts but they can’t get mine. They have an old bog standard phone but as i say this prob only occured couple of days ago. I’ve tried reset network, reset factory settings reset everyting but to no avail.

    I am on ios 6 and have updated this but still probs. SMS is turned on and imessaging.

    This is very annoying because everyonen else can get my messages and the person i’m trying to contact can get messages of other people but me.

    This is urgent so any help would be welcome. T-mobile are uselless and can’t seem to help other than telling me to reset, reboot etc all of which i’ve done!



  • Andy Wong

    I did all of the steps.. Tried it on both my iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 they both get at the very end and then stops and says not delivered, I tried rebooting the phones but it still doesn’t send

  • JESS:)

    thank you it worked perfectly you are AWESOME!!!!

  • ahh

    does it cost to turn data roaming on if you have unlimited everything on tmobile?

  • mike jones

    its not working for my iphone 4

  • mike jones

    its not working for me

  • quis

    how do u fix the no service problem with t moblie on ios 6.0.1

  • JRCpgh

    Thank you!! You rock!!

  • Help

    I can only send to certain people with iPhones. Others I can’t. Do you know why?

  • Help

    I can only get group messages from only certain people and I can’t from others, even if they have iPhones. Do you know why?

  • Rick Drizzle Mcclaskie

    Worked perfect!!! My daughter thanks you!!!!

  • Joshua Mccabe Galarneau

    To anyone that is still having issues after entering this information, please check all info and try again. I have used this on At least 4 different iphone on 7-8 different ios’s ranging from the original Iphone all the way to the 4s I’m currently on. I found times it didn’t work I had mistyped something if even a slash or dot. No reboot should be needed. Once you enter all the info in just send yourself a mms and you should receive it almost instantly. Good Luck!!

  • cece2580

    it gave me the camera icon but will not deliever picture unless the other person has an iphone

  • Loretta James

    OMG, you are awesome!!!! I have been through so so many vidoes and online chat people trying to get this fixed and I want to say thank you again a million times over!!!!!!

  • Jim O

    This fix worked perfectly on my 4S running 5.1.1! Thank you!

  • Toni

    It did not work for me. Can u please help me.

  • Richard Fernandez

    Please help it doesn’t do anything except allow me to press the camera button it still says not delivered helpppp

  • rose

    thank you. made my day!

  • Tom

    I have iphone 5 with iOS 6.0.2 and after setup MMS I can receive pictures but not send. Please help.

  • Henry Chan

    it got it to work but it turned off my imessage ability with other iphone users. is there a way to keep the ability to send mms texts to noniphone users but still use imessage with other iphone users?

  • Jessica

    OMG… I’m so excited it worked thanks !!! hopefully continues working ….

  • dime

    worked great on my iphone 4!! Thanks

  • prdss2000

    Did you(or anyone) have the same info on mms for net10?

  • solitary0

    you re awesome bud thsnks it does work for me

  • Iphome5

    How do you set APN for Net10 on AT&T IPhone 5 6.0.1 without jailbreaking? Please respond at

  • jenny

    i have unlocked tmobile iphone 4s i just update it to ios 6.1 the jailbreak i had on it is no longer there but phone works perfect except i cant send picture messeging and also imessage and facetime is on that “waiting for activation” can someone help me plz

  • Johnny

    Hey doing this will you have to pay to tmobile extra because I don’t have Internet on my phone

  • Johnny

    I have tryed this on my iPhone 4 6.1
    And every part of the I do was the same but I still cannot send any pics

  • Macella

    you are amazin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tricia

    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I spent hours with Tmobile support back in Sept and it was no help. I just gave up. I decided to try again and found your instructions. This works perfectly.

  • Antonella Tartufoli

    I just did it and it worked!!! Thank you

  • Nri

    Any word on Apple TV 3

  • kshox

    do we turn 3g back on?

  • Samantha Brown

    it didnt work for me. there’s a circle next to the T-Mobile. i have the icon to send pictures but it stops 95% of the way and says not delivered. I typed everything in correctly. but still doesnt work

  • Zerry

    Thank a lot u make me save a few buck

  • marianne

    Seems to have worked on my i phone 3. At first it did not then I did what some one else recommened and to out the Max message size and wa la it works.

  • pleng72

    I used the gpp sim and after doing that everything works except for the sending messages. i can receive text messages but it’s says error whenever i send the messages. i tried configuring the service using the *#5005*7672# and it’s showed a number +7. I have tried to change it to the T-mobile but it says error. What do you think might be wrong?

  • Jesse

    Thank you so freaking much! I have ATT but my friend and her daughters have TMobile and this was ridiculous. It worked flawlessly Thank you so much for the simple fix… You saved me from pulling my hair out!

  • guest

    Thank you!!

  • Adrien Gonzo Gonzalez

    THANK YOU! problem officially fixed (iphone 4 iOS 6.0.1)

  • Rabia Elahi

    it was working untile i update to ios 6.01 helppp i can only receive it not send it

  • Thiha Maw

    it work but questions, after i can finally send pic do i turn off Data Roaming and turn back on Enable 3G

  • annaa


    My mms was working fine for about a month when I did what the video said but now all of a sudden it stopped working. Any ideas why? or suggestions.


  • Vincent Aviles

    Does this work for 6.1 as well???

  • WES


  • Ruyi Wan

    all the info i put in would be erased automatically, why??

  • Hailey

    Super!!!! Thank you sooo much for help!!!!!

  • Lorie

    I tried all of this but my iPhone 4 is not letting me send or recive pic from any phone just from other iPhone what do I do???? Help

  • harold

    Worked perfectly! Okay, I’ve been following you for a while now, and you are a life saver. One concern is, is it normal for it to take a while to send a picture? I’m on wifi, and it takes about a second to send MMS to other iPhones, but it takes like a minute or two to send MMS to other androids. Please reply to me.

  • zack

    i dont have the cellular data network on my iphone 5 so what i have to do

  • ceci

    yay it works,thank so much, now i can send and receive pics but i used the wapvoice streamfor ios6 and it worked
    so happy
    my iphone is a 3gs

  • Ashley

    This was so helpful! Thank you so much!

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    Okay.. updating to 6.1.2 breaks this…

  • ANNA

    hello, My question is to you I am using FALWOK to unlock my iphone 4s verizon and I want to know will this interfere with the information of how to fix MMS, Picturing and DATA. Also, I have a software update to 6.1.2 and I want to know is the information on how to fix MMS,PIcturing and DATA will interfere if I do this software update of 6.1.2. Please give me your advice. Your videos sound great even though I haven’t used any yet. I need an answer in order to use your video information of what I should do. Thank you very much and please answer quickly. ANNA

  • Kike

    Help, still getting the red Exclamation mark and not delivered in red. it gets to about 95% then it hangs for a long time, i am on iOS 6.1.2 Iphone 4 factory unlocked using tmobile, please help!!!!

  • Alex.i

    Outstanding job

  • Ali

    I have iPhone 4S iOS 6.1.2 with t-mobile I did it and picture messaging worked great , very good tutorial , I have been searching for this for a while till I find your site thank you very much

    • Eliyahu_ben_Yehoshua7

      just curious, how are you getting 3G speed or still edge? tmobile was suppose to transition to 1900mhz….Im in New York and im not sure if we got the update as yet and i just purchase a factory unlocked phone.

  • ReefChick

    Perfect! Straight forward and easy how to! Thank you for sharing! I know where to look in the future when I need help or have questions! :)

  • Bisso

    thank you its working ,btw you dont have to turn off 3g or turn on roaming

  • hap e

    this worked perfect after i rebooted my phone! thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jsanchez

    I have ios 6.1.2, not finding the messages tab in settings. Can you help with this please??

  • nas maxson

    thanks man. good job. worked perfect for me

  • Suezq

    If you have a verizon 4s and are having problems with picture messaging. The key is to clear the number from the mms max message size. Then use the original mms max message number that was first there. Then restart your phone and go back mms max message size and make sure the oringinal number is there. Then go to mess sages and send a picture with a text and it should work. I hope it works for all. It worked for me..

  • Brownmomma

    Awesome job man! Worked exactly as you put! Mine seems to take awhile to get it sent tho? But it works so thanks a heap load!!

  • Suezq


    • jonw

      will this work if you unlocked it thru gpp cause for some odd reason i have vodphone info popping up on my phone since i got this to work with gpp

  • bakha

    I have iphone 4s 5.1.1 can”t get Cellular Data Network to fix MMS and text.
    can u help me please?

  • Marian Cook


  • tily g

    Took me a minute but I got it just had to add the APN and do the I backup bot and finally was able to did it thanks so much for ur help greatful .. once again thanks

  • gina

    thanks so much i tryed anouther site but it didn’t work yours did thanks again

  • gina

    now that i enabled 3g i will not be able to get 3g coveage when i’m away from my wfi? when i go back in and turn it on i have no service

  • vanessa223

    I did everything just like you said and it still doesnt work

  • Jesse

    I have a problem when I try to delete the settings and add the new ones it works perfectly till I try to save them. When I go back to the cellular data network it has the old stuff???? Help!!

  • Pei

    Thank you for the video! I can sent MMS now!

  • Jimmy

    Do They Charge Extra For That Roaming Thing?

  • Navarro101

    I have my iPhone 5 on go smart mobile do u know if this is sopposed to work and if not what do I do.?

  • Burnz

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    THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Jericho Hogue

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  • Chris

    Thank the mother of god for this. Totally worked after the 6.1.3 update

  • Kenneth

    This worked for me after I turned off MMS and then turned it back on with the new settings. I can send and receive picture messages now! Thank you!

  • george

    so if you have an unlocked iPhone every time you update the software you must change the apn settings or you will not have mms or imessage. they just came out with version ios 6.1.3 and I havethe 3 gs. any help guys? an email would be awesome thanks all.

  • Orik639

    Worked perfectly!

  • ICU

    Omg thanks a million…. It works and I have family mobile…

    • slee95

      hey i have family mobile as well!! and ive tried everything but i still cant send pics!! it keeps on saying it’s error, however i can receive pics!! can u tell me what u did?? please? i’d appreciate it.

  • iphone 3GS girl


  • Ivan

    I can’t revive pictures but I can send what should I do :/

  • mizzanhie

    This works! THANKS!

  • kickstand

    ok.. I have factory unlocked tmobile on the latest ios.. I have added the apn to the cellular data and taken off the the message size.. I have been able to get pic messages but I cant send.. I have done this too many times now and it will work for a bit but then it will just stop.. am I doing something wrong?

  • akickstand

    I have everything in I can send a pic to myself but no one else.. help I am so tired of doing this…

  • Barb

    I got an iPhone AT&T got it unlocked to use it on t mobile it was only letting me send pics to anyone with an iPhone I followed the steps above I can now send and receive pics to anyone (:: I’m so excited

  • Kyle

    Thank you very much! This has been driving me insane for the last 8 months or so!!

  • Lili

    Previously I had the same problem. I thought it is caused of my local carrier. I did some troubleshoot and found out if you enable the iMessage , it won’t allow us to send mms, but still can received from other sevice. What I did is I just unable the iMessage.It works for me. Now i can sent mms to nokia

  • Ruthie


  • Eddie

    I have an unlocked AT&T iPhone 5 on the latest ios.. I’m trying to use the Straight Talk T-Mobile sim card on this phone however it’s not allowing me to send or receive messages… Any suggestions? PLEASE!

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    I have an iPhone 5 hooked up with t-mobile $50 prepaid service. Couldn’t receive or send mms at first which I found extremely odd being that I was able to do so with my blackberry. But after following the instructions from this website which I found on google, I’m now able to receive & send pics. It was REALLY helpful. Thx a lot!!!!!

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    I have a iPhone 5 for tmobile and I put all the infor that was on ur page it still not lettin me send picture massage

  • min

    For everyone who finds it isn’t working. Input the information very carefully and exactly the way it appears here. I did, and it works for me. Also, data roaming doesn’t have to be on, but the 3G does have to be on. works also whether wifi is on or off

  • jon wages

    i just unlocked my 4s from verizon and now using t-mobile on it….i can receive mms but cant send it…and is there any way i can try to getter signal service out of it or is that based on carrier

  • cris

    does it work for simple mobile

  • cris

    I have an iphone 5 running ios 6.1.4 using simple mobile but I cant send picture message to any other phone but iphone can you please help

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    hi can you help me enable my mms using Malaysian simcard because i stayed in malaysia ? this is my email :

  • afiq

    and im running ios 7 beta 3



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    Keep it up!!!!!!

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    You guys are amazing did exactly what you said and it was that simple!!! Now I can finally fix my husbands phone as well!! Thank you so much for your hard work and sharing this!!

  • Guest

    Proxy is not needed for smartphone devices. It’s meant for WAP flip phones from over 10 years ago. Please remove this information.

    MMS Proxy:

  • vet

    Did not work on my 4s through straight talk with iOS 7.0.4 Have tried everything

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    Troubleshooting – iPhone Won’t Send Pictures

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