How To Hacktivate iOS 6.0 & 5.1.1 iPhone 4S/4/3Gs Without Sim Card – Activate & Jailbreak 222 Comments

A quite simple & Straight forward method of Activating (Hacktivating) your iPhone 4S, 4 & 3Gs on iOS 5.1.1 & 4 & 3Gs on iOS 6.0. For iOS 5.1.1 this will leave you with a Untethered Jailbreak & Cydia, However on iOS 6 you will get a Tethered Jailbreak with NO Cydia while still being able to hacktivate. Get All necessary links below and use the video above for instructions. Any questions? Leave them in the video comments.

Redsn0w 0.9.13dev4 : Mac DL & Windows DL

iExplorer: Mac DL & Windows DL

iPhone 4S Firmware : iPhone 4S 5.1.1 DL

iPhone 4 Firmware : GSM 6.0 DL & CDMA 6.0 DL & GSM 5.1.1 DL & CDMA 5.1.1 DL

iPhone 3Gs Firmware: 3Gs 6.0 DL & 3Gs 5.1.1 DL


Now watch the video provided above for instructions! Once you are all finished, you can Jailbreak Your iPhone on iOS 6 (6.0) – Click Here!: iOS 6.0 Easy Jailbreak! To Unlock both 6.0 & 5.1.1 Watch this!: Any iPhone Unlock!

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  • sam

    dosnt work i did lost my 1 hour

  • matt

    wat he said my ipsw doesnt show.

  • Tanzeemuddin Syed

    cant access root folder in i explorer should i purchase the full version ?? :(

    • anon

      its free, just click demo

    • cnu

      u need to jailbreak ur iphone first..

  • Tanzeemuddin Syed

    i successfully jailbreaked my 3gs and by passed the activation screen via iExplorer but its still showing no service :( what should i do now ?? should i install cydia ?? thanks

    • anon

      did you get to sync you music at your iphone, coz’ mine it does not sync

      • Mark

        does anybody know a solution to itunes saying your phone does not have sim card???

        • Ricardo

          If yours is an US AT&T cell phone, follow my recent posts on this blog on how to factory unlock it forever. After that, you’ll be able to always use the latest iOS with any carrier in the world.

    • JuRega

      the same thing happened to me…

      does anyone know what to do now??

      • Ricardo

        If yours is an AT&T cell phone from US, follow my recent posts on this blog on how to factory unlock it forever. After that, you’ll be able to always use the latest iOS with any carrier in the world.

    • navjot

      you need to use redsnow everytime you poweron your device (just boot ) option that will do it.

  • Daniel Pereira

    GREAT !!!
    Thanks !!!

  • Marcio

    thanks for helpped!!! XD

  • ElBabo

    redsnow fails while exploiting limera1n?
    what can i do to fix this?

    • cnu

      do it in another system

  • Vienna Vargas

    i have a pc and i can’t seem to figure out how to do that step where you download the firmware and plug it into redsn0w… :(

    • Vienna Vargas

      another thing…my iExplorer doesent show “Setup.App”

  • shazk

    thanks your the best but now it cant find my carrier

    • shazk

      as in it says “No Service”

  • Steve

    Wow !! great job man… i updated my iphone about 2weeks ago and too bad i couldn’t activate it so i just left it in the house and today i just feel like giving it a shot with the help of people like you,im glad man !! thanks a lot… i was able to activate it… Kudos

  • Ricardo

    After hacktivating, I cannot restore it back to the original IOS 6 in order to use your “Factory Unlock” method!! Could you please help me?

    • Ricardo

      Nevermind… Just tried again and it worked. Thanks guys!

    • NAS

      I am still having the same issue, I tried so many times to restore my iPhone 3G S but It won’t restore.

  • ash

    not for windows

  • ash

    for i p 4s on 5.1.1

  • Nemanja

    cant access root folder help :)

  • NAS

    Why I can’t restore my iPhone 3G s, I don’t even see firmware on my iPhone. Also my iPhone always searching, I don,t know how to fix my phone anymore. I had baseband 6.15.00 before and it was unlocked. I do really need your help. thanks!

    • Ricardo

      Downgrade the baseband from 6.15.00 to a lower version and use my solution provided above.

  • wesley

    do you have to buy iExplorer

  • Dr Ahmad

    thank you so much, it really did a great job, but how can i unlock it? i want to use a carrier that is not supported ?

  • Dr Ahmad

    yes it says no service, is there any way to overcome this and be able to use my Sim Card?

  • Edong

    Kudos for you dude! but one problem though, Is there any way to unlock ios 6? I mean, I’m still getting no service. Even ultrasn0w is not working on ios 6. (correct me if I’m wrong.) But thanks anyway! :)

  • mic checka

    i have iphone 4 with ios 6 installed after restore to bypass lock screen. phone did not come with sim and would like to see if there is a way to unlock.

  • mic checka

    i did purchase the ebay unlock service but then realized i needed activated sim

  • P0iS0N

    if you find yourself watching this vid im running iOS 6 iPhone 3GS
    i followed this guys steps (pure genius/) and in itunes i restored from backup of my iPhone and my sim card works now :D
    *Note my sim is Telus….wasnt working on my iphone before

  • mcgregory mangwiro

    demn overdid it…i am an iphone 4s owner…did the delete mistake…had not heard the part where we stop….wanna know how i can recover my folder back into the fone been looking for it online and am failing to find it…please help….

  • vi

    how do i know which firmware to download?

  • Aki

    Hey great stuff man….works great

  • Jonathan Yanez

    I have iphone 4s 5 1 1 when i start jailbreak i get error The rocky-racoon JB for A5 devices isn’t available in this DEVELOPER version of redsnow for iOS betas. Please use another red snow for that: please help

    • max-muster

      i have the same problem…..:( i think it is not real.

    • dani

      its not for i phone 4s .

    • Guest

      I am having the same issue! Help! Or maybe you can show us how to use the new Absinthe one without needing it to be activated. Cause You cannot use Absinthe unless it’s activated . “The attched device is not activated. you need to activate before it can be used with Absinthe”

  • Rohan Asher Kotadia

    my itunes is not syncing with iphone after hacktivate. i have already jailbroken my phone

  • P0iS0N

    i was able to sync music/apps/movies/tv shows/pdf’s/ epubs etc. on my iphone 3gs ios 6 i have carrier (signal) bars too after i setup my iphone from backup
    i just followed the video’s steps
    i didnt have any service before i found the vid nor was i able to use my iphone
    i dwngraded my baseband somehow too -.-

  • Karl Dusenbery

    I need to unlock my friend’s iphone 4S. Can anyone help me?
    This what I know:

    Phone Status:
    >> iPhone 4S <>i OS 5.1.1 <> jailbroken with Absinthe 2.0 <> accidentally locked to a different carrier with SAM << ( get the locked message after selecting WiFi network in original setup)

    What needs to happen?
    - Restore to original iOS 5.1.1
    - jailbreak
    - hacktivate
    - unlock to be used on Rogers Canada.

    - Redsn0w 0.9.14b2 cannot put phone into Pwned DFU mode so that I can try and restore to original iOS 5.1.1
    - Absinthe 2.0 says it's already jailbroken.

    • Ricardo

      Hi Karl,

      If yours is an AT&T US iPhone 4S you are eligible to have this 4S iPhone factory unlocked forever. If so, proceed as the following:
      Buy the service on ebay for 10 bucks (check out everythingapplepro video for more information).
      Make sure you have baseband lower than 6.15.00. If your current baseband is lower than 6.15.00, go ahead, put in DFU mode and restore / update to iOS 6 in iTunes and you’ll be ready. If your baseband is currently at 6.15.00, this unlock does not work on this baseband. In this case, download and run Redsn0w 0.9.15b2, go to “extras” –> “select ipsw” and load your current iOS original ipsw file. Still on Redsn0w, go back and choose “Jailbreak”, put in DFU mode and choose only option “Downgrade baseband”.
      After doing so, put in DFU mode and restore / update your iphone to iOS6 using iTunes and you’ll be ready.
      If your iPhone 4S is not an AT&T, you can still use Redsn0w 0.9.15b2 to jailbreak and try repo666 to unlock it.

  • melliejo51

    if i hactivate and jailbreak using this method will i be able to go back to using my phone again as usual when i get another active sim card?

  • weilongngu


  • joey brick

    thanks worked great..keep up the excellent job…

  • iPhone 4

    how long does it take to reboot?

  • krisman

    is there a way to do this WITHOUT buying iexplorer?

    • mcgregory mangwiro

      the password for iexplorer i found on and it uses the same as the one from the version before….

    • Ricardo

      You can choose the option to try it (I think you have a month) on the opening screen.

  • adam

    cant access root folder help

  • anwar M

    you genuise man peace

  • anwar M

    can you help .. how to unlock iphone 4 to all networks ???

    • Ricardo

      Hi Anwar,
      If yours is an AT&T US iPhone you are eligible to have this iPhone factory unlocked forever. If so, proceed as the following:
      Buy the service on ebay for 10 bucks (check out everythingapplepro video for more information).
      In a couple of working days after buying the service, the company will send you an e-mail saying you’re good to restore / update on iTunes.
      Before doing so, make sure you have baseband lower than 6.15.00. If your current baseband is lower than 6.15.00, go ahead, put in DFU mode and restore / update to iOS 6 in iTunes and you’ll be all set. If your baseband is currently at 6.15.00, this unlock does not work on this baseband. In this case, download and run Redsn0w 0.9.15b2, go to “extras” –> “select ipsw” and load your current iOS original IPSW file. Still on Redsn0w, go back and choose “Jailbreak”, put in DFU mode and choose only option “Downgrade baseband”.
      After doing so, put in DFU mode and restore / update your iphone to iOS6 using iTunes and you’ll all set.
      If your iPhone is not an US AT&T, you can still use Redsn0w 0.9.15b2 to jailbreak and you can later try repo666 from Cydia to unlock it.

  • OJG

    I did this and everything seemed to go well. When It rebooted, it is stuck on the apple logo and never gets out of that. How do I fixed??? Please help.

  • crist_uk

    i can’t get the ipws from my iphone wat should i do

  • Ricardo

    Guys, to anyone who is using iPhone 3GS and using this video, search for the other Everythingapplepro video called “Permanent Factory Unlock”. This will unlock your iPhone forever and you’ll use with any carrier anywhere in the world and will always be able to upgrade to the latest iOS versions. Just an issue I had and I’ll recommend you guys to check is after the company telling you you’re good to restore / update your iPhone on iTunes, make sure you don’t have the iPad baseband 6.15.00. If you do, downgrade from this to a lower baseband using redsn0w 0.9.15 b2. Everythingapplepro has posted a video about this baseband downgrade as well. Just follow it. After downgrading the baseband, just go ahead and reset / upgrade to iOS 6 and you’ll be factory unlocked. I tried on t-mobile and it worked fine!

    • Ricardo

      Just a heads up that I’ve seen a lot of posts of folks struggling to jailbreak/unlock their cell phones. Try my solution above. I did it on my originally from US AT&T iPhone 3GS and it worked fine. I now have it factory unlocked running iOS 6 and tried even back in my home country. Everything works perfectly!!

      • olga

        Hi, I have a japanese Iphone 4s (carrier kddi, ios 5.1.1 baseband 2.0.12), originally jailbroken with redsn0w. After trying to restore it, connecting it to iTunes, it is now blocked before the activation screen but if I connect it to redsn0w, it says that the phone is already jailbroken. I need something to bypass the activation screen without sim. The original sim card is useless. I already bought the rebel sim card to do the unlock and activation but it did not work at all. I need to use it in Italy. What can you suggest me?

  • Naddy Waddy

    thanks to u i successfully bypassed the activation screen for my iphone 3gs ios6.0. but on the top left corner where the service carrier should be shown says searching.. and the iphone keeps rebooting. what should i do?

  • Frodo

    the root folder is disable how make it enable bro thx

  • Sherif Gwelly

    i just updated my 3gs iphone to ios6 ……its locked ….no service …should i download the firmware and redsnow and iexplorer ? and do as he did ? plz help :)

  • dina

    is there any way for this to work if my power button doesnt work?

  • Riley

    Whenever I try to get the find the ispw file it doendn’t show up? What do I do to find it?

    • Ricardo

      Just download your firmware from here:

    • Karim Bleik

      I have the same problem, i cant find the ispw file. I downloaded the 780MB file zipped, the extracted it, but now i cant find any ispw file in it. How can i solve this?

  • Riley

    Like I download the “ispw” file but it’s not actually in ispw format?
    What should I do?

    • Jude123

      you should download it using chrome

  • Marcos Aurélio Moraes

    can I use safari after this by pass?

  • Sam

    I cant click on Root Folder! Please help!

    • krishna paudel

      i download iExplorer bt i didnt fine root folder in iExplorer…

  • Marcos Aurélio Moraes

    the ipsw is not supported by the latest version of red snow. what can I do?

  • colin

    also have no service problem!! everything else when ok! have tried to downgrade to iOS 5.1.1. but of no avail, the same problem!! I have an Iphone 3GS, my daughters phone!

  • Jerica

    this video worked for jailbreaking m iphone 3gs. but when i plug it into itunes, it says i have no sim card. which is true, i just want to use this phone for music. is there a way i can fix this problem?

  • ipinoy

    hey master e,a,pro can u help me fix my 3gs cuz the battery dies then try to buy new one and still not charging. . . . .plssssss

  • Noel Watson

    I have a 5.11 4s 2.0.12 and did this exact procedure but get this message after loading the ipsw and clicking on jailbreak : (see image) any ideas what i should do or a way around this if anyone has experienced it. Really not sure what Redsnow package to opt for as there are so many and there is no link in the error message. even on the blog there is too much option and with my (albeit quick) scan of the information, nothing directly relating to this

  • Jenner Alejandro

    Good afternoon, I have a question I have an iPhone 4s IOS 5.1.1 Currently, sent to me from Japan. operator US KDDI to Peru, but I have it in emergency call mode and I have the original sim and asks me to activate the sim operator and I can not change .. Can you help me solve this?

  • jade

    hi i get all way through but then it comes up with usb problem wat should i do

  • Sam

    Good! I liked it! This video is goes very well make!

  • nicholas

    it wont lt me click the root folder on iexploer

    • nicholas

      are you sopost to get the full version

  • cloud

    root folder is grayed out…
    how can i jailbreak my iphone when i couldn’t activate it

  • cloud

    i have iphone 4 ios 6…
    i don’t have a sim to activate it and i downloaded iExplorer but the “root folder” button is grayed out…
    it says here i need to jailbreak my iphone first but how can i jailbreak it if i can’t activate it?
    help me pls.

  • sadface

    redsnow keeps shutting down. Im trying to hacktivate a 4s

  • Roland Rivera

    Hi, I am Roland from Philippines i have a iphone 3gs i watched your video and i follow all of your instructions and i have a
    redsnow 0.9.15b3 for wind.
    and WinSCP

    and i successfully Jailbreak my iphone 3gs but here’s my problem every time i put the IP address in the HOSTname with the user name root and input the password Alpine in WinSCP, that is the photo bellow to show the result after i login in WinSCP and im connected also with the Internet
    and that was the last step
    please teach me how to fix this thank you

  • Roland Rivera

    im sorry sir i cnnt upload the printscreen

    any way the output after i login is

    network error, connection timed out

    but im connected with the internet tnx

  • Noobie123

    I Have a 3gs that was working with *Chat-r* and i decided to update it to firmware 6.0 but now it deleted everething and i can’t pass the setup screen it’s says no sim card installed and everything i’m really a noob at thi so please help me out i want my phone back :( !!!!

  • waro

    my phone is stuck on the jailbreak screen with all the white small texts i tried both iOS 5.1.1 and 6.0. both said it found successfully but iOS 6 didn’t get past the activation screen so i tried 5.1 after and now its frozen on the jailbreak screen. think i messed it up lol

  • waro

    i got it to reboot found out the phone was on iOS 6.0.1 did everything again now I’m passing through everything till i try to reboot tethered and end up with a screen that said “Missing Keys.plist data for this build”

  • Mark

    Hi, I am trying to do this with a verizon iphone 4s for use in the uk. I got the following message when trying to load the firmware file into redsnow: That IPSW is not supported by this version of redsn0w

  • Mark

    Hi, I get the following message when I try to open the 4S Firmware above in the redsnow above by selecting IPSW: That IPSW is not supported by this version of redsn0w. :(

  • umar

    i cant click root folder without buying ie explorer

  • JT

    I bought an iphone 4 that is on 4.12.02, and iOS6. iTunes says to install a valid sim. I have an AT&T sim in it and it won’t recognize it and I can’t get past the set up screen. I want to factory unlock it. Downgrading didn’t work. Jailbreaking didn’t work. How can I get off the 4.12.02 BB??

  • JT

    iExplorer costs $28.00 bucks

  • Mian Hassan Ali

    dear sir i have iphone 4 ios 6.0.1 and it is locked and it requires registered sim card to unlock which is not available here one of my friend sold it to me for 100 dollars now my phone is locked and the activation screen appears but it could not get unlocked i have ios 6.0.1 and your videos show ios 6 and ios 5.1.1 please tell me what should i do i m waiting for your reply and when does ios 6.0.1 untethered jailbreak will available please reply me soon i m worried

  • Sg

    itunes doesnt recognize my iphones 3s, it keeps showing the not valid sim card message

  • mimo

    what about 6.0.1 well it activate ???

  • abe uilar

    my iphone 4 says no sim when I put the sim card in can someone please help me?

  • laykayfals

    Hey please help… I tried installing apps from iTools it keeps saying cant initialize install .. I’m suspecting if the deleted setup folder is hindering it from accepting any app.. Help plsssss I need to at least use apps since I’ve got searching, no Bluetooth, No Wifi , no IMEI and I wonder it wouldn’t av one .. Help pls

  • Moumen Dexterious

    I cant click on Root Folder! Please help!

  • Moumen Dexterious

    it tells me that i have to buy the app so i can acces to root Folder

  • Anabel Pasaye

    so ive tried many different firmwares for the iphone 3gs and still nothing. all i get from redsnow is that it doesnt work or redsnow just shuts down. help me pls!!

  • lakshan fernando

    all done
    why cant we use wifi

  • Dillon Lakshan Fernando

    All done
    why cant we on wi-fi

  • Dom Kirk

    I so freakin love you! works like a charm!Thanks bro!Hope you can also provide unlocks in the future for ios6 for different carriers, like Softbank. It’s really expensive. >_<

  • Mohamed Moussaoui

    please help me,i’m from iraq, i have an USA iphone 4 ,i upgraded it 2 weeks ago ,and when it finished upgrading it says (SIM NOT VALID) ,is ther any solution to this problem , please help me cause i really need my phone

  • SaERus

    mines done thank you very much.. But i have got some problems with itunes it show THERE IS NO SIM CARD INSTALLED IN THE IPHONE YOU ARE TRYING ATTEMPTING TO ACTIVATE… i cannot connect to itunes.. i have got backup in itunes… NEED HELP!!

  • sagar

    I have locked iphone 4 without simcard with previous carrier softbank japan. My version is IOS6.0.1 with baseband version 04.12.02. I would like to unlock this phone, whether it is possible to unlock it????

  • Elliseh

    so can I restore it now and no be stuck on the same thing?

  • Crockster

    I followed video and it failed. Now My iPhone 4 does nothing it will not even power up. Can you help?

  • Crockster

    I hard booted my iPhone and tried again everything is fine now thnks so much for the info.

  • Neoash

    Hi there. I want to de-hacktivate and restore to ios 6.0 what should i do?

  • luka

    man it worked for my 4s 5.1.1 thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    • ian tado

      Does your phone activated or on activation status?? Mine is on activation mode and i cant go through. It keeps on saying; not supported by redsnow version or activate iphone first.

  • ck04rc

    i have a 3gs and updated to i0s on my iphone while being plugged into itunes… will this video still work for me

    • ck04rc

      i meant ios 6 and it says there’s no sin card when there is but i get no service where i’m living.

  • vincent

    ty so much dude this worked

  • Chuckster

    I did the jailbreak and the phone was installing everything. Now it just sits there with the apple logo. I can hold power and the menu button to shut it down. When I plug it into the computer it wakes it up, but it doesn’t recognize the phone. Just sits there with the logo on the screen. Did I just brick this phone? Please help!!!!


    Hi, Please let me know how to activate iphone 4S ios 6 without sim card.

  • Christian

    not working on iphone 4S 5.1.1

  • Tmugz

    I can’t seem to get Iexplorer to get past the download portion of it where it downloads (quicktime.exe) it keeps having me retry .

  • Khalid Ragb

    i have 4s 6.0.1 how i can hacktivate and jailbreak

  • Fi

    I have an iPhone 3G that used to work and when I accidentally updated the software to the 6 something it stopped working overall and it is unable to activate because It obviously doesn’t have a SIM card. I’ve tried everything on the website but it doesn’t seem to work for me! Maybe I’m doing it wrong but the phone stopped working and can only do emergency calls but does not move past activation for obvious reasons. I just want to use the phone like an iPod help please

  • L

    Everything worked and now I get the normal screen on my iphone but now when it’s connected to iTunes, it still says “cannot activate at this time”. What to do?

  • pajtim

    can i have a registration code for ieplorer

  • carlos

    m when i open redsnow it doesnt have the ipsw,what do i do?

  • lazer

    AMAZING!!!!! Thank you so much…this was so easy to do (I am by no means a techie) and worked like a charm! Thank you thank you thank you!

  • mama4drama

    I have a unlocked apple iPhone 3g phone I am trying to download apps n it won’t let me it keeps saying the phone needs to be updated is there a way I can go about down loading apps without updating or do I have to update? N if I have to update how can I update it safely without lockin it back up thanks

  • Jenny

    When I was doing the DFU step for my iPhone 3GS it like shutdown completely and Redsnow was like it wasn’t done correctly

  • Jona Cadet

    How To Hacktivate iOS 6.0 & 5.1.1 iPhone 4S/ but you said it doesnt work with 4s??? :S

  • Kathrin R

    Amazing!!! Thankyou!!! Your instructions were the only that worked!!

  • Terri Rue Woods

    omg, you f’king rock…!!! I though I was going to have to toss the phone!! thanks… successfully jailbroke the iphone 3gs an got past the activation screen… thanks!

  • Cjxtreme

    Good day… I have Iphone 4s ios 6.0.1 At&t, I can’t Bypass the activation screen of my phone. I have tried everything even the 112/911 glitch not working.. What should i do? Pls help…

  • Cjxtreme

    Good day… I have Iphone 4s ios 6.0.1 At&t, I can’t Bypass the activation screen of my phone. I have tried everything even the 112/911 glitch not working.. What should i do? Pls help… I need to know if there is still a solution

  • Steve


  • Omar Ortiz

    when I’m about to end, and I give in just boot and I want to finish the process mark, missing key This means? what

  • Luigeeh

    I am stuck on a black screen with a bunch of little white letters, do i just sit still and wait for something to happen? Thanks :)

  • disqus_NqxfSJwAPK

    I have an iphone 3gs and i did all the steps and it worked but now that im installing the simcard again it doesnt read it…what should i do?

  • Davis

    It kept saying connected but never show the ipsw for Iphone 4 5.1.1..? Help me man..

    • Vivek

      If you dont live in Europe use CDMA. But if you live in Europe use GSM

  • Vivek

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daroya

    You are a lifesaver dude. Thanks a million.

  • jesus g.

    my laptop doesn’t download the file as ipsw it downloads it as a zip folder? any help?

  • ravi

    hai friends..
    I have iphone 4 locked. it was in inactive mode how to activate that Phone?
    I dont have any SIM for that…
    Please help me…
    Is there any possibility to unlock My iphone4?

  • Fruz Achmetov

    i just tried to jailbreak 5.1.1 but i have a problem… my screen on the iphone froze in the DFU Mode… what should i do now… help!

  • Steal

    Hi. It works just fine but just when I try to reboot via “just boot” it tells me about missing keys! What do I do? Please Help….

  • William

    Hey I have an iPhone 4 stuck on this screen, but is there any way to activate the phone without jailbreaking it? Or is it possible just to jailbreak it then upgrade to iOS 6? Or will it just return me to this activation screen…

  • daniel

    you are the best!!!! thanks a lot :)

  • GC

    This didn’t work unfortunately. The redsnow you advise 4s users to download says it can’t handle the a5 racoon version and makes you download the regular version which doesn’t match the video.

    After going through the steps I have cydia on the phone (redsnow says it will autolaunch but it never does) and cydia does not launch- it just crashes quickly.

    Video doesn’t match the regular redsnow (for example you can’t select “install cydia” and with the verbal pauses all editted out, it goes so fast I have to rewind 5 times because the steps are missing context and it’s hard to put it all together. Overall pretty disappointing.

  • like mike

    do u realise that this is quite a HOaX?

  • wtf

    Will NOT WORK ON A5 devices. LIke iPhone 4S.

  • Xavier Thompson

    when ever i try to extract ipsw file it sayd file is corrupted what do i do

  • Luis Garcia

    i cant get to the root file its not letting me : ( help !!

  • Amir Sattari

    great great great thanks! if worked fine for me :)

  • Cacophobia

    Please help me. I did not know my iphone 4 was factory locked when i bought it so i update it to ios 6.0.1. after upgrading, i cant open my phone. it says, SIM NOT VALID. only compatible SIM cards from a supported carrier…so on. please help. :(

  • mugsi

    hi guys, it worked but i still don’t have reception on my iphone. i can do every other thing but theres no network.

  • Yousef

    Jailbreaking stop and says “Panic:We are hanging here. . .”

  • lance alday

    i have iphone 4 6.0.1 but everytime i m going to put the firmware in the redsnow it says that the firmware is not supported with the redsn0w version but download your link.. help please..

  • zygomat

    THANK YOU!!! You saved my 3GS after an upgrade fro iOS 5 to iOS6 left it unable to activate, with AT&T and the Apple Store Genius bar apparently baffled.

  • mog


    I have a iPhone 3GS. I reset the phone so basically I have just a screen which allows me to make emergency calls. I went into itunes to restore my phone via there and update but it wont do it. I want to jailbreak to get this phone sorted. My situation is I dont have a sim card so I think I can still get this phone to work? which is the best iOS version for this phone? 6 or 5.1.1 dl. I tried with 6 and didnt work.

  • mog

    oh and.. do i need to download the iexplorer (internet explorer) i already have it, but i use chrome too

  • iphone

    i have a iphone 3gs and my power button is broken is there a way i can get it to work, Itunes doesnt see the device and i cant get it past the activation screen
    i would really appreciate if u can help me

  • Rookie

    How do i know what firmware i have if i cannot get into the phone?

    • gloria


    • Bliss Andoh

      There’s a way to get into an unactivated iPhone 4S, you can bypass the activation screen and get to the dashboard and check the iPhone settings to check the firmware you are running.

  • vd

    works fine on 3gs ios 6

  • LOle Suguturaga

    i have iphone 4s and cant be activated how can i activate it and jailbreak it for free

  • john7

    done, thanks a lot

  • Jun Mer Cen Mo

    Hi, I did everything step by step but at the end my phone says NO SERVICE… I have an iphone 4 att locked… and my IMEI is 01 254500 3454527

  • Jhon C

    Hi, I did everything step by step but at the end my phone says NO SERVICE… I have an iphone 4 att locked… and my IMEI is 01 254500 3454527. Besides I check it and the SAM was Activated

  • amirkhan

    thks budy, it works with iphone 4. you are genuis

  • hunni

    hi cant access the ROOT folder … plz help so many ppl askd abt this but no answer was provided .. plzz help

  • Gloria

    I have an iphone 4 and i have done this exact process to activate my phone with no sim. How long is it supposed to take to reboot after i have jailbroken it? its been about 5 minutes now and my phones screen still has all the scrolling words and what not.

  • Mikeerhymes

    THANKS!!! Just done an iPhone 4 on iOS 6.1 and it worked perfectly. Great help!!

  • Jenny

    my red snow looks completely different than the video’s idk where to go from here…

  • Mz_kwannie

    What do you do if it doesn’t give you the option to go into root files?

  • Ree

    Hello! This worked perfectly, however, when i plug the phone into iTunes, it says that the iPhone can’t be activated and won’t let me transfer songs, photos, etc. Also, when I put my sim card in, it just says “No Service.” Although I now have access to the actual phone, it seems like everything else is still locked? Any suggestions? I’m using the iPhone 3GS

  • catherine

    U say is for iphone 4s 5.1.1???? How come jailbreak i get error The rocky-racoon JB for A5 devices isn’t available in this DEVELOPER version of redsnow for iOS betas. Please use another red snow for that:

  • Kev

    Thank a lot man, big help.

  • Gaige Styron

    Can someone please help me??? It says the ISPW is not supported. IVE DOWNLOADED EVERY DIFFERENT FIRMWARE. EVERY DIFFERENT VERSION OF REDSNOW. Idk wtf is wrong. I’ll seriously pay someone $50 via paypal to get this thing working. Add me on Facebook. Gaige Styron or email me ASAP PLEASE!!!! thats a zero not an O. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP.

  • faisca

    Gostaria que fosse publicado uma experiência que tive com um iphone 4s na tela de ativação em que obtive sucesso ativando o mesmo com um gevey:

    iphone 4s atualizando para o ios 6.1.2 e sem o chip original da operadora que é da Softbank japan, comprei um Gevey R-sim 5+ mas quando coloquei o mesmo no iphone na tela de ativação nada acontece, então executei a seguinte façanha,

    coloquei o Gevey em um iphone de um amigo que estava ok e fiz as devidas configurações informando a operadora de origem do iphone bloqueado, feito isso tirei o gevey com o chip e coloquei novamente no iphone na tela de ativação, e nao é que funcionou? ele reconheceu e fui capaz de ativar e ja pegou sinal de cara da operadora, fica a dica.

  • Cyril David Leconte

    usind redsn0w 0.9.15b3 i managed to get past the activation screen and i got cydia, however, “no service”" help:/

  • EJ28

    I have managed to jailbreak, but it tells me I need to select the ‘just boot’ option. When I do this it freezes on a screen that says ‘Missing Keys.plist data for this build:’ and then won’t load anything else

  • Don

    How long should all this take? Redsn0w just says “waiting for a reboot” and that is all. Should I just leave it over night?

  • Comi


    I have done all the steps in the video. It all went well but now i have the message “no simcard” appearing. I have a 3gs 8gb 5.1.1. Can anyone help me? I really need to to be able to make phone calls and send sms/mms.

  • ballaflex

    Is it the bypass work on iOS 6.1.3 thanks

  • Marcus

    how to get back the folder

  • Puлk ŠtäƦ

    How can i activate iphone 4s 6.1.2

  • Hassan Ait

    I have iphone 4s 5 1 1 when i start jailbreak i got error:unsupported IPSW

  • Samuel

    Hey, thanks for the instruction, but i got another problem here. My 3Gs Lock 5.1.1 Push Notification doesn’t work, anyway to fix it? Is it possible using SAM to fix? I can’t active with Itunes anymore :(

  • novia

    root folder is un highlited
    wat should i do?

  • Randal

    Can’t access the Root File on Iexplorer and I need to buy a registered code to do it. What can I do to bypass this and this is for windows.

  • Randal

    Ok I got it and was able to remove the setup file but It doesn’t show the home screen but Showing the screen where I have to plug it in Itunes and activate it from there. Is there something else I need to remove?

  • zatyy

    hey! my ios is 6.1.3.why i cant jailbreak my iphone? :(

  • Vince

    does this work for iphone 4s 6.1.3 ?

  • jmnpatel

    i have a 4s n i did the jailbreak easily. Thanks a lot man ur help was just amazing.. Ok now will it run on any oder sim card or not…???

  • jasmine

    after i jailbroke it and went to iexplorer , i cannot click ‘root folder’ anyone help??

    • ladz

      same problem with yours :(

  • ashi aslam

    hey i have iphone 4s 5.1 and i tried to do that u show us in the video but its say sorry that isnt supported yet on the iphone 4s

    • cj

      same with my 4s

  • jay

    its work on me thank you so much dude!!!

  • Dalas Hood

    how long should it take to reboot?????????? it successfully hacktivated the iphone 3gs new br. but i didnt see cydia? so now its rebooting. Thank you

  • amanda

    will i loose all my data when i jailbreak my phone?

  • HelloPuppy

    Ok. So… i got an error when trying to install cydia so i re did the steps and just jailbroke without cydia, everything work… I then deleted my Setups file using IExplorer and it worked perfectly. But…. because i want cydia, and under the idea that my phone is working normally now on iOS 5.1.1 i figured i would upgrade to iOS 6.1 so i could re jailbreak and get cydia. So i started the upgrade process on my phone through the settings. It workd… but when it rebooted im back to the same “insert a valid sim to activate”. So i think im just gonna redo the whole process only trying a 6.1 jailbrake… i get “unable to identify” what does this mean… did the “Setup File” i deleted have somthing to do with jailbreakin too? is my phone now stuck in this position? help

  • David Santoro

    Hey guys, once the tutorial was made on a MAC, on Windows you will have to change Red Snow compatibility to Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Run as Administrator, all errors for me was fixed doing that, if you don’t change it your Iphone won’t Boot, ISPW won’t be created, ISPW with Bloobs won’t be created etc.

    Thanks EverythingApplePro! You’re the Man! Saved my life!

  • cj

    please help me, my 4s is not supported when i did your instructions. and it says that its already jailbreak by racoon. I already deleted my set,app and even my cydia. can help me to fix it? I thing i mess up with my 4s. help me also to unlock it from softbank. thank you in advance

  • mikey foulkes

    i have an iphone 4 and i did the process but when it got to the stage of rebooting it has stayed at the point with all the numbers and letter on the screen of the device, what should i do, do i leave it?

  • Jorge Chicas

    I have an iPhone 3gs 5.1.1 baseband 6.15.00, i updated to 6.1.3 to find out that ultrasn0w doesn’t work, so I went back to 5.1.1 but i’m stuck on the activation screen, I tried to jailbreak the device using redsn0w but it stops working after the reboot.

  • James

    I have no idea which firmware I should be using I have an unactivated iphone 4 any idea?

  • Emanuel Martinez

    How Long Does It Normally Be On ‘waiting for reboot’ Stage ?

  • G33K

    I have iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.1 carrier locked , i want to unlock / upgrade to iOS 7 in India. Any Suggestion:)

  • shannon

    This worked for me getting passed the activation screen then when i updated to ios 7 its locked me back out? Can someone help me out ?

  • Seska

    Hi, tried hacktivating my iphone4 but all I can get is code signature for shared cache failed with errno=7. What shoud I do? Please help :(

  • Justin Walker

    hi i have been trying to hactivate my iphone 4s 5.11 without sim. I have downloaded redsnow win_0.9.13dev4 and iPhone4,1_5.1.1_9B206_Restore as instructed. I open redsnow, clicked extras, clicked select IPSW and succesfully identified build, clicked back and then clicked jailbreak nut redsnow crashes and windows says redsnow.exe has stoppped working…Please can you help


  • Justin Walker

    please help everytime i click jailbreak redsnow crashes and windows says redsnow.exe has stopped working

  • fathippo

    my iphone4s is already jailbroken by rocky racoon how do I activate the phone?Thank you

  • Imran

    hi there i did this last night and i m stuck at :::panic.. we are haning here>>>>>

    plz plz help

  • ursy

    it will not let me select the root folder plz help