How To Jailbreak iOS 6 Semi Untethered iPhone 4/3Gs & iPod Touch 4G – 6.0 Redsn0w Windows & Mac 183 Comments

This is an Jailbreak Guide for the iPhone 4, 3Gs & iPod Touch 4G on iOS 6.0 Firmware. This Jailbreak however is semi tethered meaning it is capable of rebooting on its own however Cydia (or any app from Cydia), Safari & Mail will not work without rebooting in Tethered mode with the help of a Program called redsn0w which we are using for this Tutorial. So every time your battery dies or you need to reboot your device please use redsn0w to do that. You will need to download Redsn0w 0.9.13dev 4, Your iOS 6 Firmware & Putty or WinSCP if you are on windows. Get the links below!

Redsn0w Mac: 0.9.13dev4 Download

Redsn0w Windows: 0.9.13dev4 Download

iOS 6 iPhone 4 GSM: iOS6 Download
iOS 6 iPhone 4 CDMA: iOS6 Download
iOS 6 iPhone 3Gs: iOS6 Download
iOS 6 iPod Touch 4: iOS6 Download

Putty for Windows: Putty Download
WinSCP for Windows: WinSCP Download

This is the text you need to put in on both Mac & Windows!:

wget -q -O /tmp/ && chmod 755 /tmp/ && /tmp/

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  • Thomas

    When I open redsnow it pops up a window at the top is says “Incomplete iTunes libraries” In the window it says
    “Certain operations (like the A5 jailbreak) are disabled due to incomplete iTunes libraries. Pleas be sure the latest iTunes is installed” Then it says Couldn’t load Mobiledevice.dll (error 124)
    Now I have updated my iTunes and I still get the same message. If I go past that screen by clicking ok and go to extras and select the IPSW that I downloaded from your link it says Unsupported IPSW “That IPSW is not supported by this version of redsn0w” then says Fingerprint bc5a604f0360491700b562dd106349ca1a9872cb

    Some help would be appreciated..

    • no biggie florence

      Same here!



  • pinngwinn

    Same deal with this new one today. Jailbreak fails at the point “transferring control to jail break, syld: cache share failed with error:7 and still no response from you after a full week to ANY of my requests for an answer WHAT is this error and why has it bricked my phone?

    • Liquid

      pinngwinn all u got to do is hold both the power button and centre button together. it will restart again . i have been trying to jailbreak since morning and all i am getting is the same thing what u getting

  • pinngwinn

    Ohh and the phone STILL comes up to the registration screen, with it NEVER finding the sim… nothing has changed..

  • Javier Navarro

    So I did everything in this video. I jail broke ios 6 and got the pineapple with legs telling me that it was installing bundles. Then I reboot the phone and I got the bitten pineapple. Then i installed cydia using terminal on Man and it still doesn’t work. I have a iphone 3gs and it still doesn’t read my t mobile sim card, at the top left corner it tells me i have NO SERVICE. When i opened cydia, I noticed that i SHSH goes up only to IOS 5.1.1 and not 6. Please help….

    • pho

      got the same problem here, waitin on the reply!!

    • Boss

      you do realize you have to unlocked to have a tmobile sim card working. jailbreaking is a whole diferent thing than unlocking

      • kenny

        try calling att they will unlock for free

  • theRev86

    Hello, Cydia opens but then closes immediately. Any thoughts?

    • Dong Huang

      try turning ur device off and boot it using redsn0w again. i had the same problem and that fixed it

  • Kay

    I have iPad 2 what should I do o.o

  • Osama Abdulla

    i have a 3gs that was updated to 6.0 with 6.15.00 BB. is there a way to make custom ipsw with 6.0?

  • alex

    i have a ipod 4g but when i put my ip adress is says that in unexepted closed or somethig like that
    HELP ME !!!!

  • Akash

    do you have a screen protector on your iphone and if so which one

  • Akash

    does jailbreaking slow down iphone 4s and do you think it is good to jailbreak

    • Safi Zahid

      Slow- NO , Jailbreak- Hellyeah

  • Parker Jones

    I just can’t get the apple logo to go away. I tried to just boot but it is still frozen on the apple. I tried to re-jailbreak but it still is stuck. What can I do. I can’t even reset the device.

    • Stefan Caruana

      Try to take it to an Apple Store or any other reseller. Because since it is frozen to the Apple logo they could not know it has been jailbroken. Then they will notice at the end when they fix it :)

    • Bo Young

      plug into computer and run DFU mode… u used the wrong download… make sure you use GSM or CDMA when it gets frozen you used the wrong one… download other and jailbreak

  • cat

    i did all of the septs, but i still don’t have service

  • cris

    when I put the ip adress it says “server unexpectedly closed network connection” and the ip adress is correct… other thing is that the ip adress of my computer is different than my ipod, and it is the same router, the same internet and I don know what is it!!! HELP please

    • xryder

      i had same problem so i connected my pc and phone to same wireless network and then used putty and it worked. hope that helps

  • Charbel Sarkis

    thx a lot man it helped

  • Andrei


  • Gordon Holiday Jr.

    it says waiting for reboot for 20 mins now

  • bib

    my ipod gets stuck on ‘transferring control to jailbreak’ any help?

  • mo

    how do u download the ipw thing to jailbreak??

  • Mike

    My jailbreak went smooth but I am having problems getting Putty to open. I have checked the IP address to make sure it was correct and I and still having issues. At first Putty would not even attempt to login and I would just get an error. I then went into C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc on my computer and added the IP address for my iphone and saved it. Now Putty is attepting to log in but I get a timed out error. Any suggestions anyone? Also, I have repeated the reboot steps a few times to make sure I had everything covered.

    • Mike

      UPDATE: I am still having issues with this today. I have also tried to use WinSCP and Bitvise SSH client and I still had no luck. For whatever reason I can not get past this step so I can install Cydia. Anyone have any suggestions on what the problem might be?

      • luis cazares

        i had the same issue i was using a cheap non apple usb cable and it wouldnt let me so i grabbed my original ipad usb cable and that did it also remember your phone has to be plugged in and i would use putty its better in my opinion i hope i helped.

  • riad

    when i try to do the password the keyboard don’t work

  • 6li9

    If you have “server unexpectedly closed network connection” in SSH Connection, try to REBOOT your iPhone using RedSnow using “Extras > Just Boot”.

    This works for me :)

  • Ripon C Shaha

    hi its ripon .
    on my computer at terminal page once i put the ips number address is comes like ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

    can any one help me please………

    • kenny

      did you just boot tethered before using putty

      • Ripon C Shaha

        i was using mac. but still i did just boot tethered before using terminal .

  • BarrazaBJJ

    for some reason my notifications screen makes my iphone 4 restart everytime i try to pull the screen down. is any one else having the same problem? can some one help what can i do.

  • zain

    hello its ask put manual ipsw plz help guyz

  • Ripon C Shaha

    thanks a lot…….

  • virginia

    hey i got to the very last part on the prompt window where you give a code to copy and paste where do you get that ? plz help :)

  • andy

    I Did everything you said, all went smoothly, put my tmobile prepaid chip in, and no service still. using an iphone 3GS 16g, help!!

    • kenny

      call att they will unlock it for free

  • Brandon

    I can’t seem to find where to download the “IPSW” Is there anyone that can help me out with that?

  • jason

    where is the ipsw

  • joshua

    putty or winscp is not working it says connetion error for both of them

  • joshua

    andy me to

  • caleb

    does anyone know how to get firmware software>

  • nick

    when i do the first dfu for redsnow and hit jailbreak jailbreak, instead of seeing the tiny letters run across the screen all i get is a black screen and redsnow says “waiting for reboot” please help.

    • Confused…

      Try the other download? GSM instead of CDMA or vice versa? That worked for me when I had that problem.

  • Yashira Torres

    all my stuff keeps deleting its self plz help

  • Cedrict

    i couldn’t find where my IOS 6 downloaded file was … can anyone plz help me ? where can i find?

    • kenny

      what do you mean can find it, its not on your desktop?

  • Yashira Torres

    can u plz email me sum off my stuff delets by itself email me @ thnx

  • Stefan Caruana

    I have read the comments before I will jailbreak and a lot of people were saying that Putty and WinSCP were not working. I tried Putty and it keeps telling me ‘Network error: Connection refused’. I still did not jailbreak yet. Should it work when i jailbreak!

    • josh


    • kenny

      you must boot tethered first for putty to work

  • kyle

    thanks man your the best i subscribed and everything!!

  • Norm

    when i clicked on the link for putty there were many things i could download and i didnt know which one to click also i clicked some of them and downloaded dome of them but they didnt work..PLZZ i need ur help

  • T don’t update too soon

    I think this is one of the most informative sites concerning jailbreaks and unlocks, but why hasn’t anyone address the the issue of jailbreaking a phone with the 4.12.02 firmware with version 6.0. It there is no jailbreak for this combination, I would have thought you would have address it. I have a. AT&T phone that was unlocked by AT&T and am now using it on tmobile, and cannot jailbreak.

  • josh

    I have connection closed by remote host

  • josh

    “connection closed by remote host”?

  • ernie

    i can’t find ipsw what should i do


    Can you make a easier way to jailbrek?? like absinthe?!

  • tyler smith

    step by step…
    this will work..
    run redsn0w..
    jailbreak with an ipsw..
    boot tethered..
    once booted run winscp..
    use no username or pw and enter ip address..
    install cydia..
    i didnt even use putty but it works…
    winscp will say something like “iphone not resonding for such and such but let it just sit there…
    if you have any questions email me and ill give you my number and walk you through this over the phone..

  • jeff

    why does my connection with putty keep timing out?

  • LadyDragonseeker

    Okay did the JB got the running pinapple then the bitten one, went to “reboot” like you say to but the device i running and redsn0w still says “uploading kernel” do I need to try again or what?

  • Man

    what to do to when you get the error 3014 when restoring?

    • Umar

      I have the same problem when try to downgrade ios 6 to 5.1.1 :(

  • McNairBo

    All right that is helpful but it said that my IPSW is not compatible with version of redsn0w what have I done wrong I have a windows and I have downloaded every thing you told me to in the description?????

  • kwallace

    how do i change the springboard… im new to all the jailbraking so i need help. please reply to me @

  • Red

    Hey, how do I download ipsw? I cant find that on my mac.

    • Umar

      the link is given above for both windows and mac.

  • Frank

    Alright so i boot tethered and i did everything i had to do but puddy does not work…i have a new cable,i tried it on a new computer, and i tried it under different connections. the phone was connected to the computer and connected to the same network. i need help downloading cyria. HELP!

  • Mike

    I have an iPad 3, but as I follow your instructions, I get a notification saying that redsnow jailbreaking isn’t yet available for the ipad 3.
    What now?
    Best regards and thanks or taking your time to post video and blogs.

  • Boski Deer

    whenever i opened terminal and typed in the Ip adress it says connection refused….I need help!!!

    • Conman

      same problem i cant figure it out! :( please someone reply with a resolution!!!

    • Melissa

      Mine keeps saying that to. Imso annoyed. Someone PLEASE HELP

    • Fabe

      Mine too

  • Umar

    I have iphone 4 as the same as yours. It runs a sim card so it should be GSM.
    But when I select extras and then select ipsw and open it, but when I go back and try to select jailbreak it does not select. Please help me please I will be greatful to you!

  • Jacobthisdj24

    when I put the ip adress it says “server unexpectedly closed network connection” and the ip adress is correct…

  • Jacobthisdj24

    why does it say network error connection timed out some help me plzzz

  • tay

    so i ran red snow and all i get is my iphone on a black screen and redsnow saying waiting to reboot

    • matthew flores

      same here

    • susan hendricks

      ditto to matt, help usss

  • gabriel

    so i installed redsnow and the firmware and its says ipsw is not supportet by this version of redsnow but I dowloaded the one in the link
    Help please

  • tiredof….


    • woww

      same for me :( (

  • shanchy

    putty isnt working on me, it says
    “putty fatal error” what can i do…..

  • ajay

    thank you boss i did as you said and there it is cydia on my phone!!!!

  • Stephen

    if you download the latest version of redsnow 0.9.15b2 it will install cydia for you without the need for putty or any other tasks :) hope this helps

  • bunny

    my iPhone 4 is stoping at the reboot!! help plz!!

  • Jessy

    I did all this and now I don’t have Cydia and my music, calculator, calender, clocks etc. apps anymore! Help, what should I do?

  • creature

    whers the link to iphone 3gs ipsw

  • Camo

    When i first start up redsnow click extras and then the ipsw and go to the iphone when i go back i cant click on jailbreak??????

  • mitch

    i cannot get past the entering of the ip address.. i have my computer and device on the same ip and when i put in the ip and hit enter i get a “connection closed by remote host” what does this mean? i need help figuring this out..

  • Ayye Bro

    I am having no luck being able to download tried watching a few videos and can not jailbreak the link that is on your video does not work on resn0w for me. can you help me jailbreak it?

  • Quyon King

    i did everything and its saying please wait while your build is being processed. how long do i have to wait because its taking forever

  • Rajender Chary

    it works……. hurrey…………….. :) thanks a lot

  • stephanie

    keeps telling me missing keys? plist data for this build and then giving me sum other info wat do i do?? it wont even go thru the jailbreak process

    • Erin

      Im having the same problems!!!!!

      • Dominic Harrison

        download 6.0 firmware and in redsn0w go to extras and select ipsw then jailbreak and it will work for sure as long as you pointed to a 6.0 firmware

    • UrWelcome

      select ipsw first and then do it

    • Ya’Ahk Mo

      is there a answer for this response??? im going through the exact same sequence

    • dandr

      i have the same problem :(

  • Jagroo

    at reboot it keeps telling me “missing keys.plist data for this built…..i have a ipod 4g with ios 6.0.1

    • louis anderson

      same thing, i rebooted the ipod, there was a battery percentage from the jailbreak but no cydia. i just kept on trying but all it does is say :missing keys.plist data for this build….

    • Al Catraz


      I was getting same error!

      I persisted on repeating the process — selecting the ISPW and JAILBREAK — a few times!

      At one point I decided to change the connector to another USB port on my laptop! That seems to have done it…

      I now have CYDIA on my iPhone 4 V6.0.1(10A523)


  • KIng

    i cant seem to get the putty or winscp softwares to work
    they all say something about internet connection
    pleze help

  • Bridgette

    i did some stuff but my ipod is stuck on moving applications and theres a picture of a pineaplle plz help me

  • Bridgette

    now its stuck on a bitten pinappl

  • Cristopher Santiago

    jailbroke my ipod after downgrading back to 5.1.1. i thought i could
    use the same software and process to put my friend’s ipod at the same
    software so i can jailbreak her ipod as well. turns out you can’t and
    it’s stuck in DFU mode. what to do?

  • UMadBro?

    how do you jailbreak ipod touch 4 untethered version 6.0.1?

  • haze

    it keeps saying I have missing data? I have an Iphone4 version 6.0.1

  • Luis Fraire

    when i try and install cydia and use putty it says error : connection refused

  • Jayy Escalante

    Continues to say exploit failed . :c help

  • Andrea

    Is this a free jailbreak? Because when i try to download redsnow i hit open and then is says i have to pay $30 to buy a zip something in order to get it jailbroken

  • adri stone

    it keeps turning off and making me reboot it ><

  • Cristopher Santiago

    I jailbroke my ipod after downgrading back to 5.1.1. i thought i could
    use the same software and process to put my friend’s ipod at the same
    software so i can jailbreak her ipod as well. turns out you can’t and
    it’s stuck in DFU mode. what to do?

  • matthew flores

    do i use GSM or CDMA?

    • Al Catraz

      I Found my own answer!

      Which Carries are CDMA? Which are GSM?
      Five of the top seven carriers in the U.S. use CDMA: Verizon Wireless,
      Sprint, MetroPCS, Cricket, and U.S. Cellular. AT&T and T-Mobile use

      see at:

      • matthew flores

        Thanks man :) i also realized that the model number on the iphone 4 actually tells you which it is :D lol duh

  • yatrag

    help me problem with my cydia its not open i did every thing jailbreaking , installing it, just boot… cydia will not open on my iphone 3gs..

  • Al Catraz


    I need to know the difference between

    iOS 6 iPhone 4 GSM


    iOS 6 iPhone 4 CDMA

    Which one am I supposed to use?

    • Al Catraz

      Hi again
      I have iPhone4 v6.0.1 (10A523)
      Is this procedure for me too?

    • Al Catraz

      I Found my own answer!

      Which Carries are CDMA? Which are GSM?
      Five of the top seven carriers in the U.S. use CDMA: Verizon Wireless,
      Sprint, MetroPCS, Cricket, and U.S. Cellular. AT&T and T-Mobile use

      see at:,2817,2407896,00.asp

    • Al Catraz


      I found iOS 6.0.1 10A523 here (scroll down..)

      I am not sure if this jail-breaking works on this version –( iOS 6.0.1 10A523)

  • anonimos777

    anyone know if there is jailbreak for iphone 4s ios 6 , 6.0.1 version 6???????

  • jorge

    where can i find the ipsw file please

  • jorge

    i have this problem when i try to use putty “putty server unexpectedly closed network connection”

  • Sophieeee

    Thankyou so much for this, i could never find the links for the downloads! and ive found out how to it properly, SO MUCH LOVE FOR YOU:)!<3

  • Jen

    Is the ios 6 firmware supposed to take 3 days to download?

  • raj

    why when i put my ip address it says network unexpectedly closed

  • weirdo

    when i hit enter nothing happens

  • jake

    help me please i get to theer mode it says missing keys.plist for this ipod pkease help me please

  • jake

    help me please it says that missing keys what do i do help me please on pc

  • Confused…

    Please help, I’m so confused. I keep trying to tether boot my phone and keep getting this screen, am I doing something wrong? What’s Keys.plist data mean? Can anyone help me?

  • Zane’

    guys I need help!!! quick! this is what i dont get and i dont know which one to download? “Putty for Windows: Putty Download

    WinSCP for Windows: WinSCP Download

    This is the text you need to put in on both Mac & Windows!”

  • Amelia

    which putty do i get?!



  • jon folo

    i still can’t get in DFU mode correctly

  • jon folo

    too much errors, doesn’t work

  • kennnnnnna

    after doing the second process in redsnow my ipod shutoff and will not turn back on. I even left it alone all night and it still won’t turn on. Help?

  • Isaiah

    can someone help pleasee im stuck at a dead/black screen and waiting for reboot

  • Melissa

    mine says putty inactive and putty fatal error what do i do. Please HURRY!!!!!!!!

  • jonathan

    when i download putty i write in the ip address then it says server unexpectedly closed network connection. what do i do??

  • heyuder

    my power button does not work on my iphone 4, how do i turn it off when the tutorial says to power off the phone?

  • wissam

    how could i download putty

  • jesse

    when i havetoclick the firm ware it just keeps opening to a new part what do i do(windows)

  • joe

    hey tomake iphone4 cdma sprint open to any carrier

  • BOB

    which putty do i download ? i have windows 7


    How do you know (before cydia is installed) if it is jailbroken and whats the different between the two downloads above ^ for the Iphone 4 GSM and CDMA ?

  • Brandon Nguyen

    Will this work if i have the new bootrom

  • Garreth

    I was stuck on the terminal step for about 2 hours when I finally went into the phone and realized cydia was already there… I opened it up and behold it functions correctly. I wonder why I didn’t have to do this last step, although I ran into a lot of problems that the below comments had mentioned. All in all it took about 4 hours to do this for me haha.

  • nehemiah

    my IPSW wont show up on my computer how do I get it ?

  • Yahya

    I cant install cidya whan type ssh root@(my IP address) I get this message: ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

    what can I do

  • nick

    keeps telling me that the connection refused after i put my ip adress and the username and password on my windows computer.

  • gpoole

    whenever i try to select IPWS firmware for ios 6 i cant find it. So i go online and download it. When i do and i try to select it, it says file cannot be found. What do i do? how do i select it?

  • Ross

    I cant figure out how to get the IPSW to come up on redsn0w can someone pleas help me

  • Alexander Perez

    Does this work on 6.0.1

  • dillpickle108

    what if you dont have wifi connenction

    please email me the response at

  • Irfan

    Thanks man u r great. Your videos helped me alot, thanks again.

  • Irfan

    I hactivated my iPhone 4 (BB 4.12.2) with iexplorer and installd cydia later with redsn0w. now its working but its not connecting with itunes. (iTunes says, some of the apps could not be determined).

  • kevin

    it wont let tetherboot my device it says missing keys

    • kevin

      and also makes me plug into itunes to restore my iphone after it says that

  • Przemysław Zębala

    Missing keys.plist data for this build and i get this all the time.

  • Kai

    Im stuck basically at the first time =[
    after selecting my ipsw in redsnow i press back, but i cannot click on Jailbreak, the text isnt bold anymore just great looking, whats my problem?

    • Kai


  • kelllls

    it wont let me download cdma,, what do i doooo?!

  • Arnon

    i get connection error while trying to connect with putty or winscp.
    in some places its written to install the openssh but if cydia is not installed how should i do that ?
    it seems that i don’t have open port from the iphone to the PC ,
    everything is open , port in my router , but it keeps wrriting connection error,
    Help is needed , thanks

  • bon

    Error Whats is the Missing plist key ZZZZZZZZzzz

  • Carl Becker

    can you find a link for the ipad 2 if that works

  • Colby

    i can’t downlad the IOS 6 firmware..any help ?

  • chicha

    I get this “That IPSW is not supported by this version of redsn0w” when i select ipsw..
    any ideas?

  • jamie

    when I go on putty it does load up what can I do????

  • Ravy

    I paid you by Paypal for iPhone Original Carrier Check, but I don’t get anything

  • Marcus

    mine wont turn back on, even though its plugged into the computer

  • Yvonne

    What is ipsw and where can we get it? because I can’t find it.. :/

  • bryan

    it says that the phone is connected but it does not allow me to push jailbrak?

  • Rockses

    I am stuck to ”please wait while your build is being processed,waiting for reboot”,what can i do? please help me

  • sarah

    can’t get putty to connect