How To Root Sprint/T-mobile/AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 4.1.1 & Install CWM – L710/T999/I535 SIII 43 Comments

The Easiest & Fastest way to root your Sprint, T-mobile, AT&T or Rogers Samsung Galaxy S3 on Jelly Bean 4.1.1 or ICS 4.0.4 Firmware. Yes the process is exactly the same for these carriers and works on older Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 as well. Grab the links you need down below & watch the video above for instructions. A foolproof method for Rooting your Galaxy S3!

Odin for Windows: Odin 3.07 EXE
TeamEpic Root from Recovery: Root From Recovery
CWM Recovery: CWM Recovery Tar.MD5 File

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  • spica

    I am trying to root AT&T phone and getting this error “Can’t open the serial(COM) port”

    • brad

      try xdadevelopers everything for everything about androids is there

    • brad

      make sure kies is uninstalled. kies screws with odin

  • Tony

    Didn’t work on mine. Looks like a driver issue. Where can I download a driver that works. can’t seem to find one.

  • Rajdeep Singh

    it works fine tmobile s3 thanks

  • Carlos Montano

    my s3 stays stuck in odin it says getting pit for mapping and it just stays there it dont load or nothing pls help i have the s3 for sprint

  • narutonish

    thanks it works

  • Allen

    Works great on AT&T I747. Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work!

  • Adam<3

    Oh my god.. ive been trying to root my phone for weeks now.. but i could never get it to work.. but this video helped me a lot!!! Now my phone is rooted. thank you soo much!

  • alex24mcali

    How do I root my gs3 T-Mobile on a Mac please help

  • Alex

    OK, so I followed the steps on your video and I got my S3 Tmo rooted. I verified it with root checker. Thanks! However, when I followed the steps on your video to add CyanogenMod 10.1 I get an “abort install” Status 7. Any suggestions? Please advice! thanks.

  • braiden

    In Odin, the file I loaded into the PDA line is: C:UsersLauraDesktopCWM-Recovery-LTE-SGS3-v5.tar.tar

    Does it matter that it is “TAR” at the end instead of MD5? I did it anyway and when I took out the battery, unplugged it, and reinserted the battery, the phone would not go into recovery mode with the up, home, and power button. All it does is turn the phone on normal. Do you know how I can continue from here?

  • richardnaprilmaloney

    how do u unzip the files

    • CJ Chatham

      right click>extract all>click ok

  • J_Ostriker

    Wow thanks! That was quick and painless, great work!

  • thomas oropeza

    when i try to download the root from recovery I get a folder that says META-INF so please tell me if this is correct.. wish you could walk me thru this or do it for me.. it looks so easy on the video but nothing ever works for me greatly.. please help

  • Kanefire

    can only load android system recovery, not clockwork recovery… any suggestions?
    android 4.1.2

  • sraj

    When I click on Start in Odin after following all the previous instructions, it’s stuck in ‘Setup Connection’

    Leave CS..

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..

    File analysis..


    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.

    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    This a Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 with Jelly Bean 4.1.2

  • Knobee

    Query: When you do this, do you have to re-install apps, or is this just an OS overwrite? (I’m overseas and doing a full re-install would be rather painful)

  • bmxcasper

    How can i do this on a mac

  • kyle14926

    thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ER

    Went thru all the steps to root S3 T999. I believe the Team Epic Root file was bad. Now, I don’t have SuperUser and my computer won’t acknowledge my phone due to system modifications. How can I resolve this to properly complete the process?

  • Ryan Jiggler Jiggle

    does this work for samsung galaxy s3 t-999 windmobile (canadian version)

    • John Lusting

      Yes, just did it

  • nignoglips

    i you’re using a mac, you deserve to have your phone turn into an expensive paperweight

  • ayyyyy

    I can’t connect with sprint networks..

  • idealrealist72

    has anyone had success with this root method on Sprint L710 with 4.1.2?

  • john

    So I bought my phone off craigslist from someone and it turns out he stole it from the original owner and sold it to me. So the original owner claimed it as lost or stolen technically making the phone worthless. Does rooting it make the phone useable again, and for which carriers are they useable for? I have a sprint gs3 SPH-L710. Thanks for the help!

  • leanne83

    im having trouble with the cwm recovery file…. and when i go onto odin i cant find any of my files

  • casso

    Now, doest this rooting process make you loose anything on your phone? Things like apps, contacts and personal settings?

  • Im

    works on sprint version! so easy! Thanks dude

  • KodirT

    Thanks it works!!! s3 T-999 4.1.1 :) ) What is the latest official firmware?
    will this work on the next version?

  • Brian

    Why does mine say “No binary is selected” !! :(

  • sean

    i get all the way to the part where i have to pick from internal sd card storage and i click on the file but it doesnt work it only gives me the info folder and i cant do anything with that any help?

  • ari

    how do I unroot my s3 because I do not want to void the warranty because Im having trouble with my S3 it keeps turning of and on and its rooted.

  • thena pedersom

    the root doesn’t work at all

  • juan

    this ——>CWM Recovery: CWM Recovery Tar.MD5 File<——
    isnt working for me…its saying its a disc image…please help

  • Rohit

    Mine says the complete (write) operation failed

  • LibTech

    First of Thanks for the how to video! big help. New to Android, so afraid that I’m going to brick my phone.

    Question: The link to the CWM recovery file posted here is that for the T-mobile T999 phone? (cwm-recovery-LTE-sgs3-v5.tar.mel5) please let me know ASAP Please.
    Thanks, LibTech

  • MiamiHeat#1

    I have the at&t version of the gs3, but it says it is the i747 version. Will it still rooting it still be able to be done?

  • tuan

    why odin no find device

  • hennesseystealth

    The clockwork recovery menu in the video looks nothing like what I have on screen. I downloaded the file you have on this site. No mention of SD card, talks about external memory. No listing for internal memory, just internal cache. What’s up?

  • Mario Callejas

    CWM link dead BTW. Nice tutorial though. very easy