How To Root Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 4.1.1 & Install CWM Recovery 110 Comments

The Easiest & Fastest way to root your Samsung Galaxy S3 on Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Firmware. As you may know, Verizon made it harder to root on 4.1.1 but that never stopped developers before now did it? This method is only for the Verizon Galaxy S3 I535 Version. Grab the links you need down below & watch the video above for instructions.

  1. Download and Install Samsung Official USB Drivers - Link
  2. Download and extract ODIN v3.07 - Link
  3. Download the Zip Below
    • For Both Root and Unlocked Bootloader ***RECOMMENDED*** – Download SuperSU + Unlocked Bootloader to your SD Card - Link
  4. Download the VRALEC Bootchain - Link
  5. Download one of the below
    • For ClockworkMod Touch Recovery (Download this to your computer) - Link
    • For TWRP Recovery (Download this to your computer) - Link
  6. Download the VRBLK3 Bootchain - Link

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  • Justin best

    everytime i try to boot into clockwork it boots into android system recovery dont know what i did wrong

    • brady

      Me too! I’m about to bust out crying

    • brady

      WetWilly1643 has the right idea. It works. What you do is IMMEDIATELY after flashing ClockWorkMod in Odin, pull the battery. THEN, Hold down VOLUME UP+HOME BUTTON+POWER BUTTON. And as SOON as you feel the vibration, LET OFF THE POWER BUTTON. It will most certainly boot into ClockworkMod Recovery. Hope this helps.

  • wetwilly1643

    Mine also just goes into recovery mode. It never gets into clockwork mod recovery. I’ve gone through the steps over and over and over.

  • wetwilly1643

    Ok justin best. What i have done is reload everything. Do the volume power and home and let the power off after vibrate on the first try after you load the CWM. I was trying to do it by allowing it to fully restart the original way and then trying the second method . Just do the second method the first time you try . It worked for me. I hope thats not to confusing. Thanks.

  • Dave Kopke

    I rooted earlier but recovery said that the rom was bad and wouldn’t open it so I had to flash the stock jelly bean due to soft bricking the phone. I reflashed CWM recovery and it says the supersu root file is bad. So I have recovery and no root. Any suggestions?

  • Dave Kopke

    im using CWM 6023 Im gonna try 6012

  • Dave Kopke

    well your 6012 link IS for 6023

  • Wes Philbin

    Looking forward to trying this, but links show an error 509.. too much public access. I’m sure you’ll get this a lot.

  • tamar

    For those having issues, try this; turn on developer options in system prefs then select “usb debugging” mode “allow”. I had the same issue; tried at least 10 times before. now it worked. hope this helps

  • Joe

    every time i try to install SU it says signature verification failed and the android is laying down with a red triangle with an exclamation point in the middle up till that everything works just like you said it would did I do something wrong

    • Cody

      I am also getting that error. What do I do?

      • Maston

        So how do we fix this error???

        • Mark

          same errror

          • Joshua


  • Joel Peterson

    For those of you having trouble booting into CWM recovery, I tried both methods and it wouldn’t boot up, it would just go into android recovery. I went back, recopied CWN recovery in Odin but made sure I had my SD card installed with SU on it, and instead of letting the device boot up, I immediately held down up center and power, then let go of power after vibrate, and this time it went into CWM recovery instead of standard android.

    • Silencer

      Where can I find SU? Is this a file I need to add to it or an option I need to change? Thanks

  • dave

    Can not get CW Mod to boot… this is really killing me here…

  • CreativeGenius

    I am having a problem with windows finding a program to open VRalec link

  • ReeRee

    If you are having problems getting into CWM Recory do as Tamar says. Worked first time for me

  • Anthony R.

    Hi, I did all this and now I’m using the Verizon S3 with my Tmobile sim, but I only can make and receive calls and text, I cant use my internet from Tmobile. Do you what can I do to fix this?

  • Nick

    Odin is giving me a message “no binary has been selected”. Also when I download the link for the super su, it is not a zip file. Just three folders. Sorry. I am new to this.

    • Monika

      Me too. :(

    • Masterkeeff420

      You will need Winrar to download the Super Su. It will be downloaded as a .zip then you would just place it into your sd card. Now, as for what your original problem, just redo the steps. Its the best solution. That’s what I had to do, and it worked.

  • jeremybrown5150

    i downloaded your cwm from your link, and it looks different from your video. but i was able to go in my sd card and find the .zip file and when i press power button to flash i get a signature verification failed. any suggestions


    Do you need to apply the VRBLK3_Bootchain.tar.md5? Or can you just continue without issues with a rooted device? Thanks!

  • dg1267

    Awesome video tutorial! Worked the first time! Thanks!!!!

  • Fernando Cruz

    My phone won’t go into download mode, even though I have activated Debug.

  • Pat

    I tried to get root on my S3 last night and every time I got to the part where I flash the cwm file using odin it would say FAIL after a few minutes… I even did a complete factory restore and tonight I tried again to get root and it failed throuhh odin at the same part

  • Sean

    signature verification failed…..what should i do?

  • Guest

    when i download the CMW file above it is not a .md5 file. Can i proceed anyway?

  • M_Vetoich

    the cmw and both bootchain files do not download as md5 files. they just end with .tar. is there something i am missing?

    • Pat

      sounds like you have your file extensions set to be hidden. Its a folder option and it varies between operating systems. Look up how to show file extensions and I bet you will see they are showing as md5 files

  • Cody Lane

    it def. worked, and it was really simple and easy, only issue i had was going into clockwork mod. but once i tried it again it worked

  • Peter Douglas

    when I try to open files into odin from library double right click no files found

  • Birdie

    Ran Odin the first time, auto reboot selected and VRALEC boot chain. Phone turned off and didn’t reboot. Now it’s bricked. LED doesn’t even come on with plugged in to the charger…any suggestions?

  • Carmine

    whats an md5 file i downloaded all your files and there in winrar format please help!!!!

  • Neil Stein

    CWM not an option, tried holding volume up and power, didn’t work. Flashed VRALEC & CWM twice, still cannot get CWM menu, keep getting stock recovery menu. Any suggestions would be helpful. Phone is functioning properly at this point. Thanks…

  • Sixpackmusic

    Hello! I’ve watch your video fifty times i feel like I can do this, my only concern is if something goes wrong can I still get my phone back to its original state? Could I cause any serious damage?

  • Mattberns

    Ok after rooting I payed for the SuperSU Pro, downloaded it, installed it. Then when for a root uninstaller to uninstall some factory apps. Phone still works. I want to go further. What factory/verizon apps can I uninstall and still be able to text, surf and call with?

  • Art

    Everything worked superSU installed but now widgets are not working

    • Art

      Nevermind the widgets started working again

      thanks :D

  • Brett Stoneman

    i rooted my phone downloaded every file and installed the cyanogenmod and google apps and then rebooted it but just comes up with an error saying that verizon doesnt support this and take it to a store to get it fixed… can anyone help…i have tried everything…

  • Pedro Vieira

    Yeah, I did this three times and it always boots into recovery system for Android. WTF

  • Guest

    This doesn’t work anymore for JB 4.1.1 Please update or remove.

  • MokkNoir

    This was so much easier than trying to spend hours and hours reading post after post on a forum and still not really getting the answers. Thank you Phone Rebel!! You rock, man!

  • craig

    twpr recovery 2.3.10 has an update it’s now at how should I proceed???

  • Craig

    Twrp link doesn’t work please help

  • Cappy

    Hi- I can’t even get the computer to open/download the vralec bootchain. ?

  • thakingofjerz

    hey, thanks for the video… after looking online for a root installation, i found that this video was the most helpful… now i can add my pacman rom. thanks again

  • Tyler

    Everything works fine. rooted and SU worked fine. MY PLAY STORE IS BROKEN D:


    When I place the phone in download mode and reconnect the USB cable my laptop fails to see the phone and ODIN fails the download process. Has anyone seen this problem?

  • Justin

    The “TWRP Recovery″ download link isnt working for me. Please help

  • T-Bone

    I completed the rotting successfully, BUT now I can’t type anything on my phone! I do not get either the default keyboard nor my preferred keyboard (SwiftKey). After rooting, I deleted a couple Verizon bloatware apps. But otherwise I have done anything. Help!

    • T-Bone

      er, rooting… haven’t

      • T-Bone

        Solved it. Reinstalling SwiftKey is all that was needed.

  • Drew

    ok everything was working fine up until i installed a font app and rebooted. now whether i reboot normally or reboot from the clockwork menu, its stuck at the 4G LTE startup screen……what do i need to do to fix this?

  • Shyza

    Hey i got this S3 and its on Metro pcs can it b unlocked

  • SB

    Hi, my phone went to manual mode instead of going to clockwork mode, please help

  • Leptoid

    This works for 4.1.2 also.

  • bob smith

    I have the SU app but my phone still has all my apps and my back ground does that mean its not rooted?

  • Travis Greene

    Hey man, just had to stop by and say that this worked on the first try. I don’t know why everyone else is having issues. Someone said that the files were outdated which was a bold-face lie. It is trickest to get into CWM at first, but it takes a bit of timing. After that, I was able to root my friend’s phone in just 10mins. I verified with root checker, and even uninstalled system apps. Thank you so much for this video, as I do not see anything like it on XDA. This IS the best/easiest/quickest root I have even done. I hope you make stuff for the AT&T One X, i know most people dont use it, but it is a beautiful phone to work on.

  • greatbecky

    i followed all your instruction, but i dont have su on my screen…. ive been tried 3 times,,, did i miss something?? thanx & cheers from indoesia

  • Brittney Peterson

    it says my MD5 hash value is invalid

  • atul

    hey, i am from india and i unlock sch-i535 for indian netwok. i am worried for its upgrade because i dont know when i am upgrade it 4.1.1 then it works on indian network sim? please help me.

  • robby

    how do u get an id com

  • Foretravel

    I only get the a e:signature verification fail when I try to install zip file. Also do not see the same screen you are showing on the clock power up.

  • Sam Chaney

    I closed Odin between loading the first bootchain and clockwork. will that be a problem?

  • Anonymous

    One of the links is broken for the TWRP Recovery.

  • Sasha

    Great job!

    Finally right binaries!

    The key is to have a right CWM6023TouchVZW.tar.md5
    with this build you can choose to skip verification of signature which was killing my attempts for day or so…

  • Frank

    Hi I did everythin
    g you said but phone does not have supersu app showing anywhere what did I do different

  • Charles McClure

    so far so good on verizon sgs3 running 4.1.2. just followed the directions and worked like a charm. Thanks

  • Suppagmankey

    Get an error when attempting to run the clockword mod in Odin. I get error message that the MD5 hash value is invalid. Please help.

  • Geoman1217

    Everything ran perfectly, but my phone will NOT boot up. Get the samsung screen and my blue LED just dims and get brighter. Please help! I have no idea what’s happened.

  • MessyMark

    worked great for me had to flash it 2 x’s but the 2nd time worked perfect. Thanks so much .

  • Jane Doe

    I see the following message after I flash ClockworkMod

    “ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix? THIS CAN NOT BE UNDONE.


    - Yes – Disable recovery flash

    - ++++++++++Go Back++++++++”

    What option should I select?

    • Adrian

      Same thing happened to me and i chose yes and it rebooted and then the last step didnt work because after i clicked yes it rebooted when it shouldn’t have , Should I have taken the battery out faster?

  • Enzo10

    When I try to get to CWM I just get a small blue menu, please help

  • Alex P

    I have a biiiiig issue! I rooted my devise which is a S3 from Verizon Using this method, and then I downloaded some “3D” app that told me that it might erase my firmware if I am not mistaken, if I chose to downlad it….Like a dumbass, I clicked yes, and lucky me! It sure did something to it…because when I turn it on, it wont go pass the “Samsung Galaxy SIII” logo ( which is the seond one after you turn it on!
    When I do a hard reset, this persist; and more alarming, when I hook up the S3 ( even in download mode) my cp or laptop do not recognize my devise!
    I am sure that this is a software issue, becuase everything is displayed in the screen; the phone enters boot, download mode, shows the battery sign,etc., no problem….
    My questions are: where do I get the software I need to get this puppy to run again?
    How do I install it (remember that my cp does not recopgnize my devise)?
    How do I go about it?
    Plee help!

  • Jack

    Worked perfectly! Thanks!

  • Sgt Fury

    Ok, I did it. Like many others, when I tried to boot into CWM I too kept getting the little blue menu instead of CW menu. Only after starting the entire process over did it work for me. It got a little hairy but its done. The chains that bind are off…now what???

  • Sgt Fury

    I also read down in the thread that someone is having an issue with the PC not recognizing the S3. I am running Win7 and had to roll back my samsung drivers to v1.4.6.0 for it to work. Then newer drivers would give me an error about missing id.

  • Sgt Fury

    Here is my latest concern. Anytime I try to reboot into CWM after I have
    successfully rooted I get the stock recovery. The only way to get back
    into CWM is to reflash CWM via Odin, remove battery then I can get into
    CWM. I do this whenever I want to install a zip file. I have noticed
    that when I chose reboot now in CWM I get a message “Rom may flash stock
    recovery on boot. Fix?” I can chose No which I have been Yes with a
    message “This cannot be undone” or go back. What should be choosing?

  • Elbo79

    I am also having trouble booting into anything other than android recovery. I will try again.

  • Elbo79

    Got it! Yes it all must be done very quickly.

  • bryson

    I followed the video successfully, superSU runs and ez-unlock says the phone is unlocked, but my data doesn’t work. I have a verizon samsung galaxy III, model #schI535 android version 4.1.2 I’ve been searching for a solution and I read something about ice cream not allowing the apn settings to be changed, nor can I edit or see any apn’s under my settings. What do I need to do? Am I mistaken and I missed a step in the process? I’m attempting to use the phone with tmobile


  • shaun

    why is your cwm file an md5 but your link downloads a tar? is this the same thing?

    • shaun

      also I am having the same issue with only getting the android recovery. I tried to run from there and it isn’t working. I am on 4.1.2 can someone recommend a root that works? I have walked through these steps 4 times to the letter and it isn’t working

  • Peter

    how does Odin Open???

  • Luis

    Do i need to do that last step and flash the VRBLK3_Bootchain.tar.md5? Will it delete everything i already have on my phone?

  • Anthony

    I just rooted my SGS3 by Verizon and everything was a success except now when i reboot my phone, it won’t go pass the 4Glte 3D symbol. What should i do to fix this problem? I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

  • Sade T


  • Francis Taylor Jr

    I have a Verizon Galaxy S3…after trying to install CM 10.1, i ended u with a warning from Verizon….It says: unauthorized system software found on device, shut down device and return to nearest Verizon dealer…..HOW CAN I FIX THIS PLEASE????

  • Trevor

    I can’t even get anything to happen when i try and flash it with the first thing on odin… :(

  • JP

    This link is dead:
    For TWRP Recovery (Download this to your computer) – Link

  • dude

    ols it worked

  • Erik

    okay… so I´m stuck with the process… I do everything step by step and the phone gest stuck in the presentation of the 4glte page where it look like its circles are expanding… it´s been like that for about 30 min and it won´t pass that stage… what did I do wrong… please help

  • kriztina

    the vralec link does not work neither does the vrblk3 link do not work any help? verizon galaxy s3 need help to unloc

  • Tim house

    this is the first time rooting a phone and it wasn’t to bad thanks for the awesome helpful video

  • Christie

    when i go to me SuperSU app button and open it…. it does not say EZ Unlock like in the video, I need to know if that is a problem? Also on my notification bar it say non verizon sim?…. is this a problem? what should I do? help me please?

  • Mega Man

    Just did mine today on 9/5/13 and it works fine so far

  • i try

    all its doing is giving me all threds compleated and nothing elese

  • Daniel Casciato

    does this work with 4.1.2?

  • ONI

    cant read SD to install

    i try with CWM and TWRP

  • Nasser Junedi

    ok so i followed your steps and flashed the first tar file and clockwork mod recovery, but following that i wasnt able to boot into clockwork mod. So I decided that rooting isnt for me. Now when i boot my phone the custom logo comes, is there a way to undo everything i did?

  • Jax

    I’m trying to Root my phone again, since it has upgraded software. I rooted it back in August successfully, now I can’t step one to pass it fails every time. any suggestions?

    • Ben

      This root only works for 4.1.2

  • Evis Bloodshadow

    Hello and thanks for this. No really THANKS! spent hours on youtube trying different ways to root this phone. Downloaded tons of files and wasted my time with survey downloads only to find out the files didn’t work with this phone. (Screw you Virizon! And screw you, you youtubers and the fifty-five cents you get for my fake email addy.)

  • hasan

    cant download the TWRP file plse help

  • easy

    i keep getting a fail signal from odin, and the phone itslef, im gettin a SW AEV CHECK FAIL : Fused 1 > Binary 0 message, can anyone help me with this?