How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 For ANY Carrier! AT&T SGH-I337, T-mobile, I9500 & I9505 55 Comments

Yes you can now Factory Unlock ANY Samsung Galaxy S3 Permanently from AT&T, T-mobile & The I9500 & I9505 Variants. This is the cheapest you will find the unlock anywhere on the web & it is a very quick service. Instructions are very simple. Pay for your unlock code below, wait 1-24 hours to receive the code, once received just pop in a unsupported sim card & reboot the phone. Enter your Unlock code you received at the prompt!

Simply enter your FULL IMEI into the text field, Purchase the unlock code & wait for the email containing your code!

$35 – GALAXY S3 AT&T/T-mobile/I9505/I9500 Unlock HERE (4-24 Hours)

Enter Full IMEI Here!

$40 – FAST GALAXY S3 AT&T/T-mobile/I9505/I9500 Quick Unlock HERE (2-12 Hours)

Enter Full IMEI Here! 2-12 Hrs

  • Richard S.

    I’d like to unlock my GS4 att, but i dont have a sim card from another carrier.
    is it still possible to unlock it?

  • luiz

    In the topic says, how to unlock your sg4. But ate the place we are supposed to type in the IMEI code, it says to unlock sg3.
    So, is it for gs3 or gs4

    • JustinSwapp

      Crap, you’re right. I have an s4. Well, if it doesn’t work, he says he’ll give a refund. He has an s4 in the video.

  • sam

    I factory unlocked my galaxy s4 for cheaper and quicker turnaround time through: unlockforcheap (.com)

    • sam

      AT&T galaxy s4 unlock for $10 now!

  • Silverbret

    Can I root my S4 At&t after unlocked?

  • Victor

    Hi i bouht i bad imei att s4, in that moment and didnt know the meaning of bad imei, because i live in peru, so, after i received i was reading about and it is like a blacklist of att, can i upgraded and unlock my phone?
    I will aprecciated your help.

  • JustinSwapp

    Hey, I just purchased but didn’t realize you had to put china (i finished watching the video after I purchased). I emailed you too. Please make sure I get the right code. I’m unlocking a t mobile s4 for usage with my att sim card.


  • JustinSwapp

    Worked for my T mo S4 with an ATT sim

    • techguy1214

      how long did it take for the code to be delivered to u?

  • peace subedi

    a quick question. I have s4 with at&t. Planning to unlock it with T-mobile simcard. Once it is unlocked, can i use it with other international simcards. Thanks.

  • jorge

    can i do this to my sprint s4???

  • Jessie

    Mine: SGH M919 s4 tmobile. I will.go Viet Nam and I want to use it in there. Can unlock w my s4?

  • sam

    what can i do about bad esn???

  • J Redondo

    Man we need this for the sprint version!

  • Zulfeqar Mohammadi

    I have purchased but I only recived the paypal recipt not the code what should I do.

  • Kevin

    On this page above the comments section, is that where I put my full IMEI for my Samsung Galaxy S4? It sais S3 so I was just wondering

  • former Greek Citizen

    $40 is a ripp-off for unlocking the S4. Go to unlock-code-central (dot) com and they will unlock it for $5.99 and within a couple of hours.

  • HArsh

    will it work in India if S4 from New York…

  • David Udbjorg

    I Purchaised a couple of days ago, for my I337, but have not received an e-mail from you yet, I also sent an email to you, please respond.


      Hi David, Any new from PhoneRebel? he shared with you the unlocking code by e-mail?? tell me please, this is really work well to unlock your SGH-i337.

  • lakemanu1964

    i buy a code for imei and dont work i any of the methods tha you explain y lost my money

  • Joel Manuela

    do you unlock samsung galaxy s4 from sprint

  • King Mufasa

    I’ve purchased the unlock code on may 19 dude im trusting you its june 21 today and still you dont respond at any email or message or anything else dont do these to dude i respected you i paid 40$ for the fast option

    • Techguy

      Same here man I mean if it really takes more then 2-12 hours don’t advertise that just put couple of day because what his doing is false advertising I just hope he dose come throw with this let me know if u got ur unlock code man

      • Erick

        hey guys did you got your code ? is been 3 days since i bought the code and nothing yet how long take for you guys to have the code?

        • Joseph Zwillenberg

          Did you ever receive the code? I’m asking because its been two days since I paid for mine, and it hasn’t came.

  • Emmanuel

    hey i payed for the fast unlock (2-12) hours.. Its over 12 hours and i haven’t heard anything from you..

  • Willy

    will it support all 4g lte bands when its unlocked?
    What bands will it support after unlocking?

    i am planing to use it in saudi arabia

  • mark pillay

    I paid the 40 dollars nd still never got the code wtf bro

  • Juan

    I need to un block my samsung galaxy s4 sph-l720 from sprint, what can i do.

  • Khalid Abdu

    One day left and nothing send to my email!!??

  • giuliana

    i paid for 4 phones yesterday to be unlocked 2 of them got done the samsung s4s got done the iphone 4s has not been unlocked and the iphone 5 neither is there a problem?

  • giuliana

    im waiting for the unlock codes to my iphone 5 and iphone 4s its been over 24 hours and still nothing and i paid the 8 bucks for faster service is it going to get done

  • Sue S

    I got my unlock code by the second day 40 bucks and put in all the codes and back in business!!!!!!!!!!!!! amen! screw metro they can’t even unlock their own galaxys4 but yet they can unlock the I phone5 for more money and not even sell that!!! thanks rebel 2 weeks fighting with metro! wish I found you sooner and highly recommend you!!!

  • Jane Valderrama

    Hi can you unlock att s4 phone?i will be using a uae sim for my roaming.can i still use it for unlocking as shown in the video that i need to use a sim to activate the unlock code.thanks!

  • teddy

    do your way works for galaxy s4 sph-l720?sorry,I am so desperate to unlock it.

  • teddy

    what i mentioned before is with sprint carrier (galaxy s4 sph-l70)?can i unlock it here?

  • ramsin

    Does this work on bad imei galaxy s4 too?

  • Carlos Jackson

    Wow $120.00 to unlock spring fuck. Better buy the gpp for $7

  • martin riascos

    it has been 12 days i have tried contacting you multiple times. i want to know what’s going on. could you please respond?

  • martin riascos


  • sidney

    I Just unlocked from safeunlockcode .com, a samsung galaxy S4 or my wife and 15 minutes after ordering I got the email with unlock code and it worked perfectly.

  • buck

    I have a Galaxy S 11 T-mobile. Does this unlock for for this phone?

  • Adrian M.

    The Paypal site is down. Do I just wait?

  • Rene Beltran

    hi i need un lock Samsung Galaxy S4 SPH-L720, you have code??

  • David Joe Cundiff

    I have 2 phones one is the Galaxy S3 model SGH-1747 and the Galaxy S4 Model SGH-1337 Both are for AT&T can they be unlocked for Boost Mobile?

  • Chino

    Hi there, I saw one of your vids on how to make a Verizon S3 work on a
    GSM domestic carrier. I managed to make two Verizon Galaxys work on
    Tmobile and wanted to thank you for that! also wanted to see if you know
    anything that can be done about the Galaxy S4 from Sprint so that it can work on Tmobile? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks again

  • Steve Cerrato

    do you have the unlock from CRICKET..?? or can that be use out of united states ..?? please reply

    regards from Nicaragua!

  • IkhlasHawara

    the box up there only for Galaxy s3 I need the S4 box

  • luis cruz

    luis cruz
    how I unlock my u.s.cellular

  • noveria

    i have Galaxy s4 sprint, is it possible to unlock it?

  • George Gomez

    No paypal account

  • Jorge

    can you unlock it although its a 4.3_

  • Parth

    I have a SPH-L720. It belongs to sprint but AT&T sim works fine in it. CAn I use the phone in India too with an Indian Sim?