How To Unroot & Unbrick Samsung Galaxy S4 – Return To Stock AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile, Verizon & More! 17 Comments

Using this method, you will be able to Flash the stock factory image back onto your Galaxy S4 so you can send it back for repairs, warranty or whatever else. Maybe you just want to go back to stock and that is perfectly fine, this will do the job! Download Odin, Samsung Drivers & Your Carrier file below!

Odin 3.07: Link
AT&T S4 Factory Image: Link OR Link
Sprint S4 Factory Image: Link
T-Mobile S4 Factory Image: Link
Verizon S4 Factory Image: Coming Soon


  • BEN

    My S4 is on virgin mobile Australia, Please help!

  • Dyshuk

    Any idea when the Verizon factory image will be available?

  • verizons4

    The verizon one would be much appreciated please

  • pepper61

    After I have finished the new load my screen is blank except for the status bar. Did I miss something? I followed your video. I also can not get to the recovery mode screen. upvol+power+home button. my provider is Sprint.

    • B.G.

      Recovery mode is down vol + power + home.

  • Silvia

    why is mine stuck on fail ?

  • darren

    mine fails every time any help ?

  • Ashish Rai

    Sorry i’m new to all these. But does Factory Image mean Firmwares?

  • Luna Electeronics

    Please help me out. I have a S4 and have to return it. I have got Fail message twice and it says com 4 instead of 6. Help me figure this out.

  • Robert Flores

    what can I use to unroot my samsung galaxy s4 sch-r970c I don’t see a link :) ty.

  • reza

    I have galaxy s4 at&t . I flow all the instruction but Odin always failed ,
    can you please help I tried to unroot my phone


    after i wait 2 HOURS! for the sprint factory image to download and i open it, it says that the file is damaged and it wont put itself on odin

  • io

    Did not worked for seems that each unroot process it fails for my phone ..

  • Guillermo Nuñez

    you guys are amazing i wish i could donate to you.

  • Javier Carballo

    what if it keeps saying am stuck in com3



  • TheAtheistReverend

    Where is Verizon’s stock image?