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Everything you need to know so you can use these cases like a pro.

Phone Rebel is in its early stages and is currently iPhone exclusive. Our company strives to desgin and engineer the ultimate phone accessories. Our goal is to grow as a company, improve our products, and provide exceptional user experience for the value.

Design, details, comfort, quality and durability are where we focus all of our efforts. You may find some attributes of our cases in others, but no other cases provide all the features in one package for the price like ours. Gen1 was a passion project with over 1,000 hours spent designing and engineering hundreds of prototypes as we continually refined and sculpted every detail. We have come a long way since 2019 and still put that same effort into every generation of cases we produce. With each generation 1, 2, 3 and 4 we continually listen to our customers feedback improving in all areas of our products and continue to do so.

We pour our hearts and souls into each design striving to give our customers the perfect cases. We hope it makes your iPhone proud!

We saw a gap in the market where other cases hide your iPhone’s beauty. We show it off with the added benefits of comfort and durability. We spent much effort designing, engineering and producing a case with exposed sides that was just as durable as one with all around protection.

Yes, despite the exposed sides which are a complete game changer for comfort, we compensated with heavily armored corners for maximum distance between glass and ground. Our exposed cases also feature TPE shock absorbent liners inside for extra protection.

In our years of drop testing phones we have learned that most falls will land on edges or the back/front. With normal everyday use our exposed cases can be counted to have the same level of protection from falls as cases with protection all around.

We will continue to innovate and refine in a very saturated market and challenge the industry to the highest standards. From GEN-1 to our latest Gen-4 we strive to keep pushing forward. Offering the best quality money can buy.

Looking forward, the ultimate goal is to use more metals for structural purposes and eventually achieve affordable cases with titanium in out designs. Oh yeah, titanium. Titanium has always been the crazy destination of this company from the start, let's see how far we get.

Our Gen 2, 3, and 4 are all MagSafe compatible.

MagSafe magnet lock & charging is fully supported by Gen-4, Gen-3, and Rebel Gen-2 cases (some case variants are not MagSafe compatiple) All cases with out MagSafe DO support wireless charging but, not automatic magnetic alignment. Yes, all of our cases support official QI wireless charging without interference.

Unfortunately as a recent startup, our company can only make careful calculated product lines. There's a reason Apple is cancelling the Mini line. Low demand means production simply not feasible for us at this time.

No, Gen-3 cases are uniquely for the 13 lineup. As we grow we may reintroduce special releases but at this time there are no plans to release Gen-3 for iPhone 12 or older phones.

No, Gen-4 cases are uniquely for the 14 lineup. As we grow we may reintroduce special releases but at this time there are no plans to release Gen-4 for iPhone 13 or older phones.

We include 3 sets of side protector film cutouts with Flex series and 2 with Gen-1 cases. Made from clear 3M vinyl to protect against scratches from daily wear and tear. A premium glass screen protector is also included in the box.

Despite all the engineering and continued effort to build the most durable products, freak accidents happen. We do not claim that your device will not be damaged while using Phone Rebel products. We do not warranty any damage to any device as a result of using our products.

Our business hours are Monday-Friday. Orders placed Monday-Friday will be shipped within 48 business hours after payment has been cleared. We do not ship on weekends. Orders placed on Friday after 3pm will be shipped with in 48 hours next business day. 

Yes, GEN-4 and GEN-3 buttons are interchangeable. GEN-4 buttons will work with all GEN-3 cases and vise versa.

For Customers purchasing a GEN3 or GEN4 phone case with removable buttons or phone case buttons seperatly. Though Phone Rebel products are not intended to be used by children, Our GEN3/GEN4 line up of phone cases are sold with preinstalled small buttons that may pose a choking hazard for children. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure phone cases purchased with removable buttons preinstalled with our cases or buttons purchased separately do not pose a choking hazard.

It is unlikely our phone cases with preinstalled buttons will fall out with normal everydays use. We recommend the customer routinely inspect areas around buttons to insure they will not fall out. If buttons do fall out with normal use, contact our support team for further information.

For customers purchasing removable buttons separately. We recommend storing any buttons that have been removed from any phone cases to be stored in a safe location away from the reach of children. When installing buttons be sure they are seated and oriented properly. Test buttons for proper seating by gently pushing on the front and back side of the button. Install phone into phone case and test button click, if installed properly the buttons will have a tactile click, if buttons feel mushy recheck to insure they have been properly installed.

How does titanium color anodizing work?A titanium anodizer machine manipulates the oxide layer on the surface of titanium to produce an ‚Äúillusion of color.‚ÄĚThe titanium oxide layer gives the perception of color due to an interference phenomenon, similar to a prism.

This layer is very thin and will show signs of wear over long periods of normal use, this is normal.

PMMA (Poly Methyl Methacrylate) is a hard acrylic like material that has a high scratch resistace. This material can not be injected, in order to incorporate PMMA (Poly Methyl Methacrylate) and its benifits this material must first go through a CNC processes and shaped to its final form. The PMMA is than co-molded with PC (polycarbonate) you may notice a uniform line between the PMMA and the PC, this line is the reasult of the two materials fusing to each other. The 14 Pro crystal case this line extends over the magnet ring. Click Here To See Image This is not a defect and is done to avoid and give the MagSafe magnets enough space to be properly be seated/installed.

Promotional 100% off "FREE" items received with the use of a promo code must be returned with the return request of an order.

If a singal phone case is purchased and a 100% off "FREE" item was included with the use of a promo code, both items must be returned. If the customer fails to return 100% off "FREE" promotional item received with the purchase of a phone case, the promotional items full value will be deducted from the refund.

If two or more phone cases are purchased in a singal order and a 100% off "FREE" promotional item was included with the use of a promo code, a singal phone case return will not apply for promotiomal item to be returned. If all phone cases in a singal order are returned, promotional item must also be returned. If the customer fails to return 100% off "FREE" promotional item received with the purchase of a phone case/cases, the promotional items full value will be deducted from the refund.

If for any reason, our case does not meet your expectations, we accept returns within 30 days after delivery. Contact to start your return.

Customer is responsible for return shipping costs. To Insure you get your refund please provide our team with tracking information. We are NOT responsible for lost or stolen packages. If your return package gets LOST and we did not receive tracking information, we will not be able to process your return and issue a refund. We have a 30 day return policy which means you must request a return within 30 days of the items arrival.

Refunds will be issues upon items returned arrival, this may take a few days to process.

Return Address:

Phone Rebel Inc

9813 SE 16th St

Vancouver WA, 98664

We cannot guarantee that you will or will not be charged any customs taxes or duties in your residing country.

Customers ordering outside the United States are responsible for all applicable customs, duties, taxes and fees that may apply in residing country. Please contact your country's customs office for respective charges and rates that may apply on incoming packages.

We at Phone Rebel Inc. are unable to advise on or if fees maybe applied in your country. We recommend before purchasing from us, you (the customer) contacting your country's customs office or tax agency for respective charges and rates that may be applied.

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