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Everything you need to know so you can use cases like a pro

I created this case because I hated that all cases hid your iPhone beauty and no matter the thickness, made your already large iPhone wider and harder to hold single handedly. This case makes a tank of a case actually comfortable to hold and use, I genuinely believe this is the future of case design.

There is absolutely nothing like this case on market. Every case manufacturer tries to completely entomb your iPhone in a shell, with our brand we want to give you the beauty of your iPhone back while protecting it to the highest level possible. It’s the combination of sharp design, comfort, utility with our magnet mount and unique finishes that truly makes this product impossible to find anywhere else.

This case is for anybody that loves their iPhone but dislikes bulky cases or cases in general. It’s unlike anything out there, it’s the closest you can get to using your iPhone naked while protecting from everyday falls.

YES, despite the exposed sides which are a complete game changer for comfort, we compensated with heavily armored corners and a TPE shock absorbent liner inside. In my years of dropping iPhones and cases, I have learned that your iPhone will fall on its corners or back/front most often which results in costly damage. In average day to day usage, this case can be counted on to save your iPhone from falls while leveling up your comfort in use.

We include 2 sets of side protectant cutouts made from clear 3M vinyl to protect against scratches from daily wear and tear. A premium glass screen protector is also included in the box.

YES, all of our cases will continue to support wireless charging without interference. 

This case was a passion project with over 1000 hours designing and prototyping.  We produced over 50 prototypes throughout 2019 as we continually refined and sculpted every detail. When you hold yours, you’ll appreciate why it took us so long to get to market. We truly believe it is unique and a work of art on its own. We poured our hearts and souls into designing the perfect case for a product that I worship and have worked with for over a decade. Hope it makes your iPhone proud!

Because of our awkward development timeline, we have placed ourselves in the middle of the Chinese New Year during production, also with this being our first time creating a case we are trying to have everything be perfect and this takes time. Our supplier estimates our first batch will be out the door and shipping by the end of February or at the very latest early March. Believe me it’s been torture waiting this long, we just want you to be happy with the product and quality. Thank you for your understanding.

Yes but only to the UK and Australia on first batch. DHL flat rate $12 if you really want it ;) USPS post would be too much of a liability at this price sorry!

Yes but unfortunately only after our first batch, we have too much pent up demand and not enough product to stock Amazon.

We will immediately begin working on a sticky magnetic pad and basic vent mount for your vehicle, we weren’t able to design these in time and I didn’t want to rush them as a result. Later in 2020, a magnetic wireless charger mount for your car, a magnetic wallet attachment and a magnetic pop socket attachment are planned.

We will continue to innovate and refine in a very saturated market and challenge the industry to the highest standards. A top tier closed sided case is next along with a host of magnetic attachments, 2020 will be a very busy year!

YES. This idea has never been done before (molding metal plates into a clear finish case) and this case is very important to me. I will ensure it gets released in the first half of 2020 with a frosted and potentially crystal finish. 

Yes, a midnight green and pink edition is planned for 2020, stay tuned for updates.

Yes. The Samsung Galaxy S11 series will be first and we will go backward from there. It takes an unbelievable amount of time to 3D model free flowing cases like these, the S11 case will take time as we want it done right.

This case will not be for everybody and that’s ok! We accept returns within 15 days of delivery in original box and condition.